TrueLife-Truebadours Houston Road Trip Video

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James and I love road trips. We’ve made quite a few of them and each one holds special memories and conversations. We make a good team with everything, but we’re really great traveling partners. He likes to drive and I like to be a passenger looking out the window. Neither of us like to talk a whole lot, we’d rather listen to music, but there’s still a freedom to talk about anything that’s been on our minds or our hearts. This trip was a short 9hr drive to see our good friends who live in NYC, but were in Texas for business (plus they brought their baby, who “uncle James” hadn’t met yet). We came back sick, but it was so worth it to be able to have a quick getaway and try to re-energize ourselves.

Here’s a short video of it (PS. If you don’t know us, James is the guy in the chambray shirt, and I’m the redhead).

Now, I’ve never made one of these random videos before, so be patient with me as I learn the art of “lifestyle” videos. (I’ll talk more about the lessons I learned just from doing this one after the video)


HoustonRoadtrip from Truebadours on Vimeo.

Lessons Learned:

1//I am a little bit hesitant to pull out my camera in real life. When you hire me to make a video, I’m brave and do whatever is necessary to get the best shots possible, but when it’s just for fun and I’m with family and friends, I get awkward. I don’t know if I’m afraid of inconveniencing people or making a fool out of myself or what, but I found myself making excuses to not film, or apologizing when I did. Making more of these will help me break my apparent problem of being shy about my art.

2//I found myself wanting to do a Truebadours style shoot. I never thought I’d want to show what I’m wearing, but that desire kept sneaking up. Also, James dresses ridiculously well, so it’d be fun to get some stylish “guy stuff” on this blog.

3//There’s a lot of fun and freedom when you do something “just because”. It was great just taking quick clips of life, no over-thinking or having to obsess over light, composition, steady shots. If it was raw, that was fine. That’s real life.

I’m thinking about doing videos like this even around our home and town…not just when we take trips. I’m interested to see how my “raw” style develops and how much more brave I get with my camera.

So, what do you think? Should we keep doing these?

How do you capture your life?

Thanks for being willing to see my baby steps in becoming a better blogger and videographer. And if you’re curious about how we do our “real work”, we shared our secrets of step one earlier this week.

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