New Weekend feature: 52 Lists and a video


I wanted to find something to post on the weekends, just because I miss you guys when I’m not here writing to you, so when Moorea Seal relaunched her idea of 52 lists, I knew I’d found the perfect thing to do! These posts are going to be short and sweet, following the prompts that she puts on her blog, which you should follow since it’s one of my favorites (PS. If you haven’t checked out her store, you should do that right now, I want at least one of everything on there). I’m just going to post pictures (and videos here and there) of the lists and then type them out here. It’s just a stream of conscious list, so I don’t feel like they need any explanation beyond listing them out, but we’re friends and I like conversation, so if you want further explanation as to why one of these “touches my soul” feel free to ask!

So without further ado, let’s see that list!



List 1//Words that speak to your soul: 

   family |  life | create | bebe | yes | love | ideas | relax | fight | home

      James | peace | warm | pursue | dream | music | open space | alive | stand | tribe

  free | goodbye | hello | run | surprise | coffee | always | brave | burn | passion

    blanket | friend |dear | soak| celebrate | community | sunshine | water | red | dance

grow | foreward | adventure | play | work | magic | art | try | explore | make

And, because I can. I want to experiment with setting different moods with simple subject. Here’s a quick video:

52 Lists: Week 1 | words that touch your soul from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Are you doing this or want to join me in this creative exercise? Share a link to your list!

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