Friday Finally

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Do you ever just have those moments where you just feel it. Where magically (aka: by your hard work and dedication) things fall together and you feel like the place you’re at is just right?

This morning was one of those for us, and driving away I felt the future whisper a little bit louder that it’s ready for me.


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On the same, simple note, Don’t Strive to Be Someone You’re Not  and Life: You have what it takes.

Happy Friday, friends. Find your moment.

Erin + Matt | Arkansas Elopement Video-Truebadours Wedding Videography



Erin and Matt found us online saying they were coming to Arkansas to elope and they wanted a wedding video to show their friends and family back home. I thought that was random (who comes to Arkansas from California?!), but you know I’m all for new things.

Little did we know we would be witness to one of the sweetest weddings with one of the best stories.

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She was in Kansas, he was in California. They both ended up in New Orleans at the same bar. Her sister got up and he swooped in to steal her seat and steal Erin’s attention. The rest, was a long distance relationship that–while I’m sure people said it made no sense–was actually perfect.


As Erin quotes in her vows they “slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.”

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That intimacy was so evident in this wedding: the two of them under the glowing, changing colors of James Turrell’s Skyspace, saying vows with just a few people around. Then they ended their evening with a simple, perfect reception of crepes and champagne (accompanied by french music and everything) at Crepes Paulette 


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These two have it. That sense of love and deep, deep friendship mixed with passion that there’s no word for, but you can feel it. Their story makes you believe in love–love at first sight, love that surpasses logic and convenience, and love in general.


So now, Erin and Matt’s wedding video:



Erin and Matt | Arkansas Elopement from Truebadours on Vimeo.


“May the love that you have found grow in meaning and strength until its beauty is shown, and a common devotion to all that is compassionate and live-giving. May the flow of your love help brighten the face of the earth.”



Congrats to Erin and Matt, and thank you two for letting us be witnesses to your sweet, sweet wedding.



Want Truebadours to create your wedding video? Contact us and let us know.

Friday Finally | On why you can’t stay down.



Last night I was sitting at the house working on some stuff, and I get a text from James while he’s working a rehearsal: “You should come hang out with your friends here, they miss you.”

I realized that if I took this evening off I’d still hit deadlines, so I got up without second guessing and went to spend time with new(ish) but dear friends.


Lately, I’ve been finding myself in lonely situations…or in groups of people where I feel disconnected and even a little misunderstood. I could have stayed down in that place, but I drove towards community.


As they were rehearsing, they asked me to come fill in for someone so they could do a run through. I haven’t sang where anyone besides James could hear me (beyond fading into a choir) in over a year–that’s not an exaggeration. Before that, I poured 2 years of singing weekly and being told “you’re not good enough,” but still having my heart and time demanded of me.

It was a rehearsal (read, maybe 6 people in the whole room) but still I began the little panics bringing back the feelings of those two years.


I could have stayed down in that place of self-doubt and fear, but I walked up those steps and stood on that stage.


And then it hit me on the way home, it is a completely ridiculous idea to stay down. Our holes of self doubt, exhaustion, the strange company of your loneliness, it is nothing but false senses of security. And really, it’s fear. Fear of the same feelings of rejection coming over and over, fear that you’re the problem, fear that if you don’t push past your physical boundaries and in to that exhaustion, you’re not doing enough. And how in anyone’s right mind does this sound like a good place to exist in?


So friends: this weekend, try to climb out of those holes. There’s community for you there. There’s someone at the top to pull you out and greet you with a hug. There’s a place to lay your head down and relax. There’s the sun to give you energy and to revive your spirit so you can actually do what you intend to do with your life.


Get up. Find your grip. Climb out. It’s no good to stay down.



Inspiration from around the web: 

How to deal with Energy Drain | Braid Creative

“I didn’t love photography until I found my why; until I found my wilderness to chart; and, more importantly, the reason it had to be charted. The people around me- friends, strangers, family, anyone- they were my why. They were answers worth pursuing, threads worth unraveling.”-Ryan Flynn | Define School

The Productive Spirit | Zen Habits

On Making Yourself Better | Allie Lehman

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Happy Friday, friends.

Hello October



I can NOT believe it’s October. Every time I turn the page in my planner, I’m shocked about how close to the end of it I am.

But beyond shock is that tiny little voice of excitement because I LOVE fall (If you live in the south, you know it’s way too hot to be fall until October gets here). I don’t like fall because of PSL’s (I actually don’t like pumpkin flavor unless it’s pumpkin bread or homemade pie). I DO love sweaters and scarves and all that, but it’s different for me.

I love fall as much as I love spring, I’m a transition person. I love the moment when something’s finished and you’re waiting for something new to come. I love change.

I’m good at closure, when something’s done I just start walking forward to the next thing.

I love clean slates. Even the slightest hint of a chance to do something different or start something new makes me so happy.

I like the idea of examining what you brought upon you in one season, and dropping whatever didn’t serve you for the next one.


So, hello October and fall. You come around every 12 months, but you’re different every time.


This time around, I will.

Stop. Stop to think before I speak. Stop to make sure people know I love them. Stop to soak it all in and eat it all up.

Follow through. All those things I’ve pushed to the side? They will be dealt with.

Practice. Gratitude, solid work ethic, commitment to improving myself, patience, living to fulfill my core desires, I will practice them in tiny ways through my daily life.



What about you, friend? What will fall bring for you?


Here’s to new seasons.




Friday Finally

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This week started out with a semi-spontaneous mini road trip to see bands I’ve listened to for years play in a little venue in Oklahoma. Though it called for a slightly exhausted Tuesday, it was worth it to have some driving time and a night of really good music with friends from college.


How was your week? Did you take some time to fit something fun in?


This week, I’ve been:


Listening to: 

Sucre. She was the headliner for the show I saw on Monday and she did NOT disappoint.




I’ve been reading the Mortal Instruments series…the movie was a flop but the books are a really great young adult “getaway” book.



Kathleen spoke at Circles Conference and what she had to say was amazing, check out her talk here. (She also talks a little more about it on the Braid Blog)

Kyla Roma shares some tips on morning routines and shaking them up as the seasons change.

“The best creatives I know ask and try and fight for their art and that’s what makes them able to do the art they do.” YES! Read more about what Wyn Wiley has to say.

Gala Darling does it again: Stop waiting to be picked, choose yourself.

We all know about FOMO (fear of missing out) but what about JOMO?

For the film nerd in me: Sundance Cinematographers give the best and worst advice they’ve received.

There is a balance in being vulnerable, and if that balance is off, it can leave you feeling lonely.



James has finally hopped on the Parks and Rec wagon and I’m happily re-watching every episode with him. AND The Mindy Project and New Girl came back, so I’m really just spending a lot of time with some friend crushes.


Looking forward to:

James and I just booked our first vacation since our Honeymoon!!! Yay!

Fall wedding season starts this weekend for us and we’re so excited. (Check out this weekend’s couple and watch their love story here.)



Happy Friday, friends! What are you looking forward to this weekend?