Truebadours + Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week | Melonhopper

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When I heard that there was going to be a photoshoot with involving clothes from Melonhopper, worn by Lacey Rogers (with hair by Levi Waters and makeup by Jessica Humerick), and that it was going to be shot by Stephanie Parsley, I knew I was in for a good time.


This one was just fun. Bright colors, a little whimsy, and me just deciding to try something different with the edit. Enjoy!


NWAFW Melonhopper from Truebadours on Vimeo.










Truebadours + Onyx Coffee Lab | Onyx Brew Series

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Onyx is not only my absolute favorite coffee shop (and if you’ve ever been there, you know they kill it in coffee and in shop vibes), but they were one of our first business clients. We started by creating Instagram content for them to promote their seasonal menu, did some photo shoots, etc. Now, we’ve leveled up and have moved in to working on longer form projects. Introducing the Brew Series! Onyx has so many people buying their coffee for their home, their offices, or their own coffee shops, they knew they needed to provide a resource for anyone interested to be able to get the best tasting cup possible.

*PS: Dylan just so happens to be heading to Budapest in about a week to compete in the world brewing championship. So, he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to coffee.


For the first in the series, Dylan walked us through the Kalita wave:



Be sure to check out Onyx’s website for coffee and brewing products, and more videos in this series coming soon!


If you could learn something from a world-class coffee shop, what would you want to know?

In the Midst | The Jacksons

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It’s mother’s day weekend, so it’s only appropriate that I share this today.


Erin + Collin are a wedding couple turned friends, and recently we got to capture the next phase of their life–parenthood.


I have loved watching Erin and Collin grow in to the new roles of parents. The genuine love and joy that comes through in their relationship with each other is multiplied when they look at Beckham (and now baby Reeves!). They don’t sugar coat the fact that parenthood is hard, but they seem to take so much joy in the work that is raising someone who will no doubt be a world changer.

In The Midst | Erin + Collin + Beckham from Truebadours on Vimeo.


This is a new session style for us. I’m calling it “In the Midst”. It’s unapologetically real. No tries for perfection, just meeting you where you are in your home, with your family/friends/pets/hobbies, and capturing it in the way we see it–which is beautiful and so worth celebrating. The everyday, the “mundane”, the real, that’s what makes humans the inspiring, magical people that I am in love with.


Erin and Collin (and Beckham), thank you for letting me come in the midst of your season as parents. Thank you for letting us tell your story in a way that is honest and raw, and so lovely. We can’t wait to do another one with Reeves and see you as parents of two!


If you’re interested in us coming and capturing you in the midst of your story, you can e-mail us at



Truebadours + Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week | Undercroft


This year, I had the privilege of being the Creative Director of Videography for Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week. I couldn’t imagine a better way for me to stretch my creative muscles during wedding “off-season” and connect with the greater creative community that I live in. Through this role, I got to collaborate with incredible stylists, boutiques, hair and makeup artists, models, and photographers–as well as the NWAFW team which is a force all of its own.


We’re about to release the actual event footage, but before that, I wanted to share the editorials we made. Our team worked hard to create solid content to set the mood and culture for the kickoff shows that happened in March.


First up: Undercroft

Undercroft was dark and moody, and I may have just binged watched some Gossip Girl, so I just went with it. I loved how dark and gritty it turned out, while still leaving in a bit of city sophistication.


NWAFW | Undercroft from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Clothing| Hers: Label  His: The Independent 

Location: Undercroft  (Sponsored by Ropeswing)

Models: Charlotte Edsall, Selina Aguirre Teran, Dylan Turk

Hair: Micayla Killham

Makeup: Joshua Odom, Pa Xiong, Genoa Falar

Check out the photography by Meredith Mashburn and April Walsh here

El Renacimiento | LaDonna Lanier + Truebadours

Some of you may remember a post from January 2016 where I shared the project Legado by LaDonna Lanier. Well, we teamed up again to share her vision for her new venture, Rebel Bride. Her idea is to create a space of inspiration for brides wanting a little something different in their wedding day. LaDonna is a fearless art-director/stylist, so this is a perfect fit for her.


Now, on to this project: El Renacimiento.


According to LaDonna, “‘El Renacimiento’: loosely translated, means rebirth. My last project was called Bautismo or Baptism and I feel like this is a rebirth for me. I work in the bridal industry which sometimes the work can feel cliche and overly adorned. I never like to follow trends. I like to take away the distractions and leave my heart in my projects and be really unique.  I wanted to honor the woman who lives in me and the women that surround me. I started writing out who this particular bride was: This is a woman who listens to Stevie Nicks, John Lennon, and The Staples Singers. She’s well-traveled. She’s high-style but chill. She’s strong and fragile. She’s comfortable breaking the rules. She’s authentic, elegant, and effortless. She’s wonderful and flawed. She’s the epitome of cool.”


That’s exactly what came through. The styling was stripped down, but still meaningful. No distractions, just our gorgeous model letting loose in a recording studio. LaDonna knows what she wants to see in the final products and has an incredible gift of making that happen in a way that feels so natural. It truly is a joy watching this woman’s process.


It was also such a great way to finally get to work with The Harp Creatives! Anna has a gorgeous, soulful eye. You can see her photos from El Renacimiento here.


So, we introduce you to El Renacimiento and to Rebel Bride:


LaDonna Lanier | El Renacimiento from Truebadours on Vimeo.


HUGE thanks to StoneRidge Recording Studio for letting us use their space. It was perfect for this shoot!


Everyone you need to know:

LaDonna: Website, Instagram, Rebel Bride site, Rebel Bride Instagram

The Harp Creatives: Website, Instagram

StoneRidge Recording Studio: Website, Instagram

*Dress courtesy of Becca Kessler-Leon