Megan + Austin | Arkansas Wedding Video

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Back with another wedding for you guys!


Megan and Austin were married at Pratt Place this summer and it was such a beautiful day! Megan and her girls were cracking me up the entire time (their dreams of pizza were very real), and they went with a Beyonce theme for the morning–which I was totally okay with.

As we went through the day, there was such a smooth rhythm of fun, loving moments and it was such a pleasure to be able to get all of that in to their wedding video.


So, here’s the teaser for you to see everything for yourself! (don’t forget you can watch the full highlight here!)

Megan + Austin | Teaser from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Things I loved about this wedding:

• It was my first time working with Lela + Lyla  as the photographers, they were SO much fun (and seriously so talented)

• The Beyonce undertones of the morning was a great way to start

•Megan looked so beautiful. And Bo did an incredible job bringing out her natural beauty while still making sure she looked bridal.

• Catering by Tacos 4 Life?! Yes. Please.

• That dance party, though. I love it when everyone’s out on the dance floor. You don’t have to be a great dancer to still have a good party, you just have to be willing to get out there.


Megan and Austin, than you so much for having me along to capture and create your wedding video! We hope you loved reliving all of the sweet and joyful moments.



Jill + Caleb | Little Rock Wedding Videography

Jill + Caleb Highlight-01


Jill and Caleb’s Little Rock wedding was so cute. Jill was all smiles and so sweet all day, and their wedding party was full of good humor and fun. Throw in a trolley ride, a gorgeous cathedral, and people willing to dance and you’ve got a great wedding!


See their wedding for yourself (and catch the full highlight here if you want more):


Jill + Caleb | Teaser from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Jill and Caleb, thank you for inviting us down to Little Rock to film your wedding video! We hope you’re loving life as newlyweds 🙂

We went on a vacation!

Happy Wednesday!


James and I were on vacation for two. whole. weeks. We went to Florida to spend time with (and for me to meet) James’ family from England and Australia and then took a week at home to rest and get some housework done. It’s been a year and a half since our last official vacation, and let me tell you, it was much needed.


James and I work a lot. Between Truebadours and day jobs also in the video and live production world, we don’t have regular or normal hours. Most of the time, our schedules are opposite each other and at times it feels like we barely see each other even though we live in the same house. It’s not that we had grown apart, it’s that we hadn’t been able to have time to appreciate how close we are.

So, we hit the road, intentionally leaving behind the computers, only using our phones to listen to podcasts. We drove through the southeastern part of the US, taking in how each place felt so different than the last. The car is a place for peace, quiet, conversation, and reflection.


Then we played. And we played hard. We did Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Blizzard Beach (a Disney water park), and Universal Studios. We rode all the rides, let loose, walked a lot, and felt the tension in our muscles release.


We connected with family, learned about life around the world, and let our cups be filled up. After a few days, we hit the road again. Time to go home.


When we got home, we worked and rested…and the work was to bring rest. You see, we’ve been working on installing new laminate flooring in our house (well, James has). Because we’re doing it on our own and we’re doing the whole house, it’s taken about 6 months. The last room to tackle was the kitchen, and it’s been such a stress point/burden to have our kitchen in the state it’s been in for the last few months. Drive thru’s start to sound like the worst idea, eating out budget gets thrown off, and the house is always too messy for guests. So? We took vacation time to work in order to bring rest to our home.


We ended our time rested and ready to ease back in to the “real world”. We’ve got new goals, fresh eyes, rested minds and spirits, and we’re ready to jump back in–but with some new priorities. We want to be wildly productive and living the dream, but we also want a house that is open to friends, time to spend with those friends and family, and more moments of peace ushered in. We’re adjusting moment by moment until we feel like we can find that balance.


If you’re feeling burnt out, you can’t get your mood up, or you feel disconnected from the day to day life you live, I encourage you to take time away. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary. You don’t even have to leave your house, just put your phone away, keep the tv and computer turned off, and spend your days catching up with people, books, and maybe a lingering project that would bring peace. Play, connect, rest. That’s all you need.

So, now that we’re back, who’s ready to see some weddings? We wrapped two weddings just before we left that I’m excited to show you, and plenty more coming through the season.



Colleen + Jordan | Arkansas Wedding Videography

cover photo 2


Colleen and Jordan’s wedding can be wrapped up in one word–celebration.

From the adorable moment where Colleen’s dad sang to her, to the high fives of the exit, Colleen and Jordan were surrounded by so much joy and celebration. You can tell that these two are going to have a marriage full of good times and sweet laughter.


Today, I’m posting the full highlight because I don’t want you to miss the bonus we caught at the beginning, so enjoy something sweet and light on this Friday morning!



Colleen + Jordan | Highlight from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Things we loved about this wedding :

  1. The beginning of this video. I had just arrived and gotten my camera out when Colleen’s dad came in to sing her their song. I felt so, so privileged to witness and capture that moment.
  2. Colleen’s dress. That back? SO perfect. (She got it at Tesori. You can never go wrong there)
  3. The “family style” way of having the wedding party on the stage and the family prayer time during the ceremony. Both were so symbolic, meaningful, and unique to this wedding.
  4. Meeting/Working with Two Carters Photography ! They were so professional and sough out killer light. (You can see Colleen + Jordan’s photos here!)
  5. Their reception at George’s Majestic Lounge was just a good, solid party. You know the music’s good when everyone is dancing.


We loved creating Colleen + Jordan’s wedding video so much! We wish you nothing but joy and adventure in this new life as a married couple.



When it all seems trivial, live it.

When it all seems trivial


I was going to just add this as an intro to the next wedding, but I decided it needs a blog post of it’s own. So if you want to see our sweet video of Colleen + Jordan’s wedding, check back tomorrow!


This past weekend, our country saw tragedy once again. Lives were lost and confusion and hurt sets in and nobody knows how to navigate it.


And then you try to go online and post something about anything else, and it all just starts feeling a bit trivial.


Who am I to celebrate my work and two people’s love story when there is a country reeling from tragedy?


Who am I to wake up on Monday and be like “Today’s another day! Smile!”?


But here’s the deal, and here’s what’s been on my mind all weekend: this is why Truebadours exists. Because you don’t know what the next moment of your life looks like, so celebrate it as hard and as passionately as you can. Because each life–no matter how small someone (or your own head) may try to make you feel–is a light, bright and shining and full of the magic that is the human spirit.

Each time we pick up our cameras, we feel the weight that is the honor of getting to preserve the few and precious moments we do have on this earth. And then we get to share it so the whole world can see that, even in the dark, there is still love, light, and new life.


So take care of yourself, be there to carry your loved ones through the tough times and dance with them in the good ones. Share your story. Capture the moments no one else but you may care about, but when you look at them you tear up because you know that moment meant everything to you. Constantly pause and take in the people around you that love you and lift you up, and then take the time to do the same for them.


Go back and say hello to old memories, dream and hope for the future. And take each moment as the most important one yet.



And we’ll be here, behind the camera, capturing your story and showing you off–oh, you brilliant light, we love to show you off.



Our stories are anything but trivial. They are heroic and brave and beautiful. And we look forward to frequent these pages with stories more often. Starting now. Because we must.


Love, love, love & light.


James + Jess