Brooke + Ty | Wedding Videography


Brooke + Ty 1

Brooke and Ty’s wedding day had a peace and joy so thick you could feel it. It emanated from their smiles, their friends, their first look. It fell sweetly over their ceremony venue during their time of worship and it came fast in their celebration of a reception. These two were so ready for the adventures that marriage brings.

Brooke + Ty | Wedding Highlight from Truebadours on Vimeo.

We finished up this wedding so honored to have met these two and their village of people who have raised them and will continue to support them as they pursue their lives as husband and wife.



Janee + Quinten | Wedding Video

Janee + Quinten 2

Janeé and Quinten are the sweetest of soul mates. Kind and loving, so happy and excited about their future together–a future we got to witness the beginning of.


Janeé walks in to the room with a personality that matches her bright curls. She is the sun that lights up Quinten’s heart. He may seem quiet, but when he sees or speaks about her, he is brought to life.


One of the best things is that we got to film their love story. This is something we offer where we give the couples a chance to tell their stories of how they met and fell in love, and to talk about their lives together. This time we approached it a bit differently and had them ask each other. What happened next was magic. It’s like we disappeared (in the best way) and we got to witness two people tell each other why they loved each other, when they knew they loved each other, and how excited they were to get married.

Janee + Quinten | Love Story from Truebadours on Vimeo.


And then they got married and had the sweetest day.

Janee + Quinten | Wedding Highlight from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Janeé  and Quinten, we wish you the best in your life as husband and wife!


Haley + Nathaniel | Arkansas Wedding Videographer

haley + nathaniel cover

Haley walked in to a church service like any other week, but one week was different. There was a new guy playing guitar. His name was Nathaniel, but for the time being Haley referred to him as “hot guitar guy”.

Then just under a year later, she walked in to church for a service like no other. This was the day she was going to become Mrs. Hot Guitar Guy.


Their day was so joyful. Haley + Nathaniel couldn’t contain their excitement about becoming man and wife and beginning their adventure together. The joy was contagious, and it made filming their wedding day and creating their wedding video all the more fun!

Haley + Nathaniel | Wedding Highlight from Truebadours on Vimeo.

Haley and Nathaniel, I hope life as husband and wife has been even better than you imagined.


Things to know:

Makeup: Genoa Falar

Photography: Jason Hudson Photography

Event Planning + Design: Amanda Reed Weddings

Reception Venue: Stone Chapel at Matt Lane Farm


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I Remember You | NWA Fashion Week Editorial

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 11.04.02 AM

When I’m filming a wedding, the stories are there for the taking. Two people bringing their histories and joining together to make a future. Love and friendship. Overcoming obstacles for the sake of living life with the one you love. So many stories come out on a wedding day.


But with fashion and art videos, I want there to be an underlying story as well. That’s how I decide how to shoot, how to color, what song becomes the soundtrack, etc.


So when we walked in to MOD to shoot for NWA Fashion week and I saw RJ and Alexis dressed to kill in clothes from Lola and The Independent Denim and Essentials, I knew where we were heading.

“I’ll love you, but just this twice”–Atticus

These two are “those people” to each other. The ones you can’t help but love. The person that we just can’t seem to make “not again” stick. They try so hard to keep the walls up, but what happens after an evening of resisting? Well, that’s for the end of the video and your imagination.



I Remember You | NWAFW | MOD from Truebadours on Vimeo.

Melissa + Jordan | Missouri Wedding Video

Melissa found us while planning her wedding from Orlando, Florida, and we’re so glad she did! I walked in to the warmest greeting, a room full of girls reliving some hilarious college memories, and underneath it was this sweet sense of excitement coming from Melissa. Jordan had filled her room with sweet notes so the anticipation of seeing each other that day was palpable.

Then came time for the wedding, the slight drizzle didn’t stop them from having a beautiful and meaningful ceremony. Friends read excerpts to them to remind them to stay grounded and committed to the love and friendship they were committing to that day. Melissa read a journal entry from the day they met while performing on a cruise ship-and that day she had written that Jordan was going to change her life. Through their own words, they promised to love each other forever, to stay committed to growth and adventures, and to always be the best of friends. With the support of the village of people surrounding them, and so much joy on their faces, they were pronounced man and wife.

Then they danced the night away surrounded by family and friends from all over before they rode of in to the night (Can we all just stop and appreciate the fact that Melissa drove? Because I loved it.)


So, here’s our highlight video of Melissa and Jordan’s romantically grey (but not gloomy), Missouri wedding day:


Melissa + Jordan | Wedding Highlight from Truebadours on Vimeo.


The details:

Photography: Lauren Greenberg Photography

Venue: Bullskin Creek