What I’m learning: How to change (and how not to)

What I'm Learning


I’ve been noticing a lot of ideas and opportunities for change in my life pop in to my mind. It may be that my 25th birthday is this summer and the impending quarter-life crisis is near, or it could be that I’ve been ruminating on a couple ideas for a long time (some of them even for years) and my bones just can’t resist the urge to finally do them. Either way, I’ve been thinking a lot about change.


First of all, I’ve changed a lot in my 25 years. Hair color(s), life philosophies, interests, majors, life plans and goals, you name it & I’ve probably changed my mind about it and moved on to something else. I would go forward and never look back, but as I get older, I’m finding change is getting a little harder. There are things I refuse to change: where my priorities lie, my core beliefs about people and the world, etc. My dreams coming into reality have also become quite the non-negotiable. It seems like I’m not really having an issue then, right? Well… I’ve started noticing that I’ve somehow tied inconsequential things to the big things. That somehow if I change x then it will affect y or at least how y is perceived by other people (side note: I have no idea when I started caring so much about other people’s perception of me, but it’s such a hard to balance in a healthy way…but that’s another post for another time). I’m really tired of ignoring my gut for the doubts or fears that my head randomly whispers, so I’ve come up with a sort of “battle plan” and I’m really interested to hear any advice or success stories you have.


1 | Draw a line. 

This is where I will not change. This is the heart of the matter and this is surface level stuff that doesn’t change a thing. This is permanent, this is temporary. Finding where I can split off what I’ve been wanting/needing to change vs. what I feel is too important to tamper with will give me a distinct and logical response to the doubts and fears.


2 | Keep it to myself and my closest tribe.

I’m finding that if I verbally process it to too many people, their opinions begin to matter too much. It becomes more like asking for permission or approval rather than vocalizing something that’s been in my head for a while. So I’m going to keep it to myself until I know it’s time to act on the change, and then bring in my closest members of my tribe (family, best of friends, maybe a mentor) for any sort of red flags that I’m not thinking about. I really don’t need the opinion of 50 people dictating what look I go for or what I want to do for my business, but the support of your most important pillars is essential for the bravery for some of the changes.


3 | Respect its weight. 

Some decisions may seem really small, but for some reason they feel really big. Search and figure out why. Maybe the reason that changing a wardrobe style is because it goes back to personal branding or you know it’s a gateway to bigger transformations. Maybe that business offering that doesn’t seem to change much could potentially change everything. Weigh the consequences and respect them, but in the same breath weigh the long term effects too. If I go through the wardrobe transformation, I can always change that and move on if it begins to feel uncomfortable, if I choose to do something with business or a bigger part of my personal life, there may be no turning back. That adds a ton of weight that should be considered. If it’s temporary, no sweat and remember those dividing lines to make sure that you’re not attaching it to something that’s permanent.


4 | At the end of the day, always go with your gut.

There will always be physical signs that show peace, comfort, excitement or total terror, nervousness or discomfort about a decision. Listen to what’s in the deepest parts of yourself– underneath the initial doubts or discomfort may actually be peace, but you have to go deep enough with yourself to find it. Those “gut” feelings are survival instincts, use them and trust them.


I know all of this sounds vague, and I’m not trying to be cryptic by any means, I’m just wanting to keep this general so we can all use it as we face change. Obviously, this is all about self-perpetuated change, I understand a lot of changes happen subconsciously or through outside forces, which is an entirely different story. That’s more about handling change rather than making the change, and hopefully this will help with the making part.

YOUR TURN: What do you do when you face making a change? Any success stories in making changes? How do you prioritize what changes are worth stressing out about or not?


It starts now–Spring Wedding Season | Truebadours Arkansas Wedding Videographer



We’re so excited! Our spring wedding season kicks off tomorrow with another one on Saturday, and we’re so looking forward to celebrating with our couples. Every wedding is different, and we pride ourselves in forgoing formulas of “how to shoot a wedding” and just soaking in the day and creating the story from what is happening in the moment–telling it how the bride and groom would want it to be told. But one thing we always put in our weddings? A whole lot of love.


We take the time to capture everything, from the getting ready to the teary-eyed mom moments to the awesome (and the terrible) dance moves. Vows, portraits, first looks…we’re there for it all. (I’m usually the one putting the camera right in my face to hide the tears since I’m a sentimental mess when I witness sweet moments, but that helps me make better films, trust me). And the time that gets put in to editing it? A true labor of love to honor the huge labor of love that a wedding is.


I’m just going to take a stroll down memory lane and let these beauties speak for themselves.



Erin and Collin | Highlight from Truebadours on Vimeo.



Nick and Nicky | Highlight from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Every wedding is such a creative challenge…How do you capture an entire day in just a few minutes? Do you have the sentimental and the humorous? What songs should we use? The list goes on and on, but luckily at the end we’ve got something that we’re almost as proud of as the bride is…almost.


The spring colors, the sunshine and warm moments. The blooms surrounding these couples as they start their new (and incredible) lives together. The outdoor dance parties and long (in a good way) nights. It starts now.



We still have a few slots open for a couple last minute bookings and are also already booking 2015 weddings. If you want us along to capture your big day, contact us for more information.

Monday Morning Pick Me Up | 02




Happy Monday, friends. I hope you took some time to keep it light and have some fun this weekend. I got to celebrate the upcoming wedding of a dear friend (who’s wedding I’ll be pulling double duty as bridesmaid and videographer). What did you do?

Now that the weekend’s over, it’s time for your Monday Morning pick-me-up! Grab your coffee, journal and play a good song, and let’s talk.



You’re growing up to be something beautiful (and maybe strange to some people), and that takes courage in the face of people who want to tell you it’s not good/beautiful/normal/practical/creative enough. Today, let’s practice facing them and growing anyways.

Where are the places you feel the most “growing pains”? What parts of who you are are you willing to fight for?  Has anyone tried to stunt your growth? How? How did you respond?

Where do you find inspiration for the courage necessary to grow in to your own anyways?


Happy Monday friends, be encouraged in yourself and in who you’re becoming.


What are you looking most forward to this week? I’m looking forward to our first two spring weddings!


Friday [Finally]-Keep it light

keep it light






It’s no secret to anyone that I take most of life too seriously. Honestly, I usually think that’s a good thing, but I know that sometimes it’s good to lighten it up a little. So here’s to more sun and rising temperatures in Arkansas. Here’s to flowers and trees opening up and a desire to bloom with them. Here’s to the best time to roll your windows down and spend as much time in the sun as you can take. And of course, some sweet moments (figuratively and literally!).













YOUR TURN: What are you doing to keep it light this spring? What do you to keep  yourself from taking yourself too seriously?

I, for one, volunteered to host a party this weekend…even though my house isn’t even close to being re-designed/re-decorated the way I want (read: like my Pinterest board).

Welcome Natalie Anne Newman | Arkansas Family Portrait Videographer




Some people, upon first meeting them, remind you that there are some really incredible people and stories out there.

Enter Matt and Martha Newman. The sweetest, most genuine and loving couple I have met in a very long time. With hearts so big and open, it’s no wonder they felt the call to be parents. After ups and downs, the Newmans welcomed their first child, an adorable boy named Levi. Then this year, in what seemed like a whirlwind of questions and quick news, Matt and Martha learned that there was a little girl about to be born, who needed their arms to be her home. The community gathered around them to help them prepare financially, spiritually, and emotionally and soon enough, Natalie Anne was born. On January 23, 2014, Natalie legally became their daughter.


Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 9.09.42 AM


Matt and Martha had been meeting with Natalie’s birth mother before Natalie’s birth, and through an act of bravery and strength that I can’t ever imagine possessing, she knew that Natalie belonged with Matt, Martha, and Levi. She knew that the Newman’s would provide for her little girl in so many wonderful ways, and that is absolutely true. She will always know what home feels like: warm smiles, kind voices, a community that is more connected than most extended families, strong arms to protect her and to love her, and she will always know just how desperately and intensely she was wanted.


Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 9.11.04 AM


Natalie Anne is so beautiful, mostly sleeps and smiles right now. You can tell that she and her brother will have such a fun friendship. Just look at how much he loves her.



Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 9.10.38 AM


Matt and Martha, your family is beautiful and so perfectly suited for you. You have faced all of the questions, doubts, and challenges with grace and a confidence that this was the road you were meant to take. Adoption is one of the most incredible things you can do–it offers dignity and hope to both the children and the parents, and you are changing lives through living yours. Thank you for opening your home and welcoming us to capture this time in your life. We so look forward to watching your family grow closer and more beautiful every day.


And now, what you’ve all been waiting for, the family portrait video: Matt, Martha, Levi, and Natalie: A Love Story



Matt, Martha, Levi, and Natalie: A Love Story | Arkansas Family Portrait Video from Truebadours on Vimeo.