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This post is going to be a long one, but you get a good story out of it, so keep reading:

You’ve seen our videos on this space for almost a year now (crazy!), most of them being real-life videography, but I wanted to let  you know a little more about my path here to make the project we’re sharing mean as much to you as it does to me.

All my life I’ve been imagining stories. From taking my dolls and figurines on adventures, to directing my friends as we performed for my parents in the living room, to obsessing over Disney movies and pretending like my life was one of Walt’s creations.

I wanted to be everything when I grew up–when I was 5 I wanted to be a ballet dancing nurse (seriously, ask my mom), when I was 10 I wanted to be a pop star, then a writer, then an actress, then a youth pastor (that one’s random I know), then by my sophomore year I was undeclared and had no idea where to go. When the time came to actually choose something to study, the first thing I did was go through the course catalogue and circle every class that seemed interesting. Luckily, most of them fell into the Intercultural Studies/Community Development major. Great. Done. Check that off the list and get a degree…Until my advisor told me I’d be graduating super early (read: before I was even 21) so unless I felt ready to do that, I should add at least a minor. No way was I graduating that early, so I began round two of the “what do I want to be when I grow up?!” crisis.


And then my friend Xac asked me to come and help him with his senior film project. He needed to use the coffee shop I worked at for a location and my managers let them with the understanding that I would be there to make sure everything went okay…and that’s when I found a world I didn’t know existed. And it was love at first sight.


I didn’t add a minor, I added a whole 2nd degree because I needed film to be part of my life. I am a mediocre musician, a mediocre illustrator/painter. But this–this was something I thought I could do. So, having never even used a cam-corder and having never opened any sort of editing software, I decided to major in cinema.


I spent hours and years (and a million all nighters) balancing the two worlds of my different degrees, and also using Cinema to process what I was learning about people through my Intercultural Studies. I missed out on a lot of the “college experiences” because I was devoted to my education in both fields–and I haven’t regretted it. I finally felt like the artist my soul always knew it could be. The camera felt so natural and so beautiful, and I just wanted to create stories that showed the beauty and humanity I’d witnessed through my education.


Fast forward: Now I produce videos for a museum and I run Truebadours. I make videos about exhibitions, this summer I’ve been making videos about artists, and I do creative weddings and stories through Truebadours. But this itch keeps coming up to return to the artist I was when I was in school. There is an art to telling other people’s stories like weddings, moving portraits, and brand videos; but I have stories inside me that I get too busy to tell and create, and it has started to be a constantly present voice in the back of my head. I will never stop doing the work Truebadours is doing because it’s too precious, but I needed to make spaces in my days for nothing but a creative vent.


So when Jasmine messaged me about putting something together for Project Greenlight. I said yes. In a week, we pulled together a concept, we shot it, and I got it edited by the submission deadline. It all happened naturally and without any major hiccups. It was beautiful.

It didn’t make top 200, but it didn’t have to. This wasn’t for HBO, this was for me, this was for James and Jasmine–this was for Truebadours and our future as videographers.


Our hands and our eyes and our minds were on fire. This was a new world, and we loved it.


So, out of this world came Grace Kennedy. The typical, everyday girl who’s just a little bored–and just brave enough to do something about it.



Everyone talks about getting to be someone else for “just one day”, but they never actually do it. But when you don’t have much of a life…maybe it’s time for a new one…and that’s just what Grace is going to do.



Who is Grace Kennedy | Short film from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Working on this project reminded us that we’re more than just “videographers” or people with a camera that happen to do videos–we’re cinematographers, directors, writers, artists. And those are not mutually exclusive from a “videography” company.

A new fire lit up when we worked on this. A fire to make more creative films, but to also bring even more art into your stories as we tell them. And we’re so excited to tell them, so keep an eye out as Truebadours takes it all to a new level.





Want to join in? Have a wedding, brand, band or creative idea that needs a story? Let us know and we’ll come up with something magical together.




2 years.

Two years ago, my best friends and I woke up to my mom in the kitchen proclaiming “Today is going to be a wonderful day!” and she was right.

I put on the fanciest dress I’ve ever worn and walked my way down to you. We said our vows, greeted our guests, and it ended perfectly–with you serenading me and warm embraces and peaceful downtime with the dear, dear friends and family who had stayed until the end.

It was short and simple and full of people we cherish from all phases of our lives.

Then we went off to do what we do best–adventures.

And what an adventure it’s been. Topsy turvy, speed up, slow down, make a u-turn, put your feet on the dash and pick the perfect song and throw the map out the window kind of adventure.












Let’s keep doing it for years to come.


weddingpost6weddingpost7    weddingpost8




Also, since my sister can’t crash our anniversary dinner, it’s only appropriate that she crash this post.







wedding photos by Photo Love Photography


To my sister on her birthday | Truebadours Photography



My little sister turns 21 today. Not only that, but she begins her senior year of college and is planning for her summer of 2015 wedding.


Man, does time fly…and sometimes it feels like everything important is happening all at once.


When it feels that way, stop and celebrate one moment at a time.


For me, I do that with my camera in hand.


So here’s to you, sister, on your 21st birthday:




















You celebrated with cookie cake and Christmas crafts–proving to the world that it hasn’t gotten to you. You still want to celebrate life with the little (but meaningful) things.





Those puppy eyes are real. and can be a joke or the ultimate tool for getting what you want (who can resist those big blue eyes?!). Use those powers for good, and not for evil.


















This yard is where you rode your bike straight down the hill without pedaling, where every inch of snow was left to the mercy of your sled, where you would ride the lawnmower (blades up) in circles, screaming the Green Acres theme song at the top of your lungs. Now you’re posing like the gorgeous girl you are, but being ridiculous and having fun is by no means below you, and that’s why you’re such a joy to have around.










Now, we all know who the real star of our family is. So I’m going to have to adjust the spotlight a bit.





This is Darcy. And the bond between her and Hallye will never be broken. Not even when she’s married and moved in to a place of her own.











That is the face of a dog defeated by the hairbrush and a girl realizing that our family is so strange (in the best way).



Now, back to you Hallye.










And I saved the best for last. Just so we can all just stop here and appreciate how gorgeous you are.






Seriously. Beauty and brains and a heart of gold (not to mention a voice of gold). Jacob is one lucky guy.






So here’s to you, Swyster. You’re truly someone we should all look up to, (and look at, because you’re a babe). 21 will be a year you will never forget, and I’m so glad I get to be a part of it.


Happy birthday!



Monday Morning Pick Me Up



Today’s pick me up is short and simple. Because Danielle LaPorte gets straight to the point.





Family. Friends. Bosses. Inspirations. Idols. Internet trolls. You fill in the blank with whomever you want or need to.


You don’t need their approval.


Follow your own way and the approval will come from within. A still, small voice saying “you are enough”.


Though none may go with you, go your own way.


You don’t need the approval of others, that need is too heavy to travel with.

Friday [Finally]

8.15 Friday Finally


This week was for watching art be installed all over where I work, sunburns, and seeing things I’ve been working hard for both personally and professionally inch closer and closer.

Since I missed last week’s Friday post, there’s a lot of inspiration to share, but I’ll try to keep things from getting too overwhelming.


Listening to: 



Because sometimes you just need some good beats.



I’ve been shamelessly delving into some “young adult” fiction and getting lost in the world of The Mortal Instruments series. Though the movie wasn’t the box office hit they expected, the books are really great for quick reads that transport you to another place for a little bit.



Okay…here’s the long part. A lot of these were from last week, but here we go:

As always, the Define School blog has two great What I Have to Say features:

True success, true creation, true inspiration takes being able to think out of the box. And oh my, is it freeing. ”

“You can’t force your own opportunities. You can’t weave together each and every turn that happens in your life. What you can control, however, is the people you allow to live in this life with you.

A challenge: Can you sit and do nothing (no phone included) for 15 minutes?

“It can be pageviews, dollars earned, days of vacation, comments on a post or pounds on a scale. If it’s easy to measure, it’s easy for us to weaponize against ourselves.”-Kyla Roma on re-setting your goals before they level you.

The easiest way to get exactly what you want? Ask for it.


I’m seriously considering doing this with a few things: Pushing your limits

Don’t aim to inspire. Aim to light yourself up and others will be inspired.

As a husband and wife team, we can attest to how important these tips are for working with family.

Jeremy Coward was named one of the most influential photographers. Here’s his humble and wise response.

Andria Lindquist’s beautiful photos + some really great thoughts at the end for brides and inspiration for those of us capturing the weddings.



Did you see our video from Wednesday? Watch our latest latte art throwdown video (and read the full post here):

Onyx Coffee Lab | Latte Art Throwdown II from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Let’s just wrap summer up in a video why don’t we?

This Time in My Life from Ale Vidal – Imaginale on Vimeo.



patience. always patience.

and balance. always searching for that.



This weekend is for celebrating my little sister turning 21. She’s still 4 in my brain, but apparently she’s about to start her last year of college and is planning a wedding (watch her get engaged here). Geez. Time is a crazy thing.


Happy Friday, friends. I hope you celebrate someone this weekend, even if it’s yourself.