Jackie and Robert | Arkansas Wedding Videography



Wedding videography is a strange and wonderful thing. Most of the time, I am coming in and meeting people on one of their most important, intimate, and sweet days of their lives–and I love this. My first impression of them is when they are at their happiest and when they’re too overcome with joy and excitement for any sort of pretense.

This day, I walked in to the bride helping with her bridesmaids hair and makeup, which is definitely a first for me to see. It had the feeling of a sweet sleepover of dear old friends, and that set the tone for the whole day.


Full of laughter and giggles, Robert and Jackie’s day was complete with precious family moments and reunions between friends.


Robert and Jackie, I hope your life continues to be as sweet as you are. If that’s the case, you’re in for a good, good life.


Here’s a little snippet from their precious day (you can watch their full highlight here!):


Jackie and Robert | Teaser from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Congrats to Jackie and Robert! We’re so glad you let Truebadours be your videographers.



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Truebadours July Special

Monday Morning Pick Me Up: Lessons Learned from On the Run



Yes. This post really is about Beyonce (Queen Bey, Mrs. Carter, whatever you’d like to call her) and Jay Z.


Last week, James and I drove to Dallas to see these two powerhouses on stage together. We knew we were in for a once in a lifetime experience, but we honestly weren’t expecting what we actually got.


My iPhone didn’t do the show justice, and honestly I took very few photos because I was too busy dancing, but you can see real, professional ones here to get a sense of what I’m talking about.


The whole thing was set up as a cinematic experience following “the Queen” and “the Gangster” through a Bonnie and Clyde-esque story. So much thought was put into storytelling and (of course) production, and while that was inspiring in itself (especially to audio engineer/stage tech James), the bigger story going on is what blew me away.


photo1 (2)


Think about these two, read their interviews and interviews from people who work with them and one thing stands out: you’ll be hard pressed to find people who work harder.


Say what you will about their style of music, Bey’s wardrobe or whatever you want to say about the rumors going on right now, but one thing that’s perfectly clear is that these two perfected their crafts. They had an empire in mind and they worked and reworked and worked again until they could stand on that stage together and take in everything they’ve built–both individually and as a team.

At one point, Jay Z yelled out: “If you have a dream, keep working until you get there. It feels so good doing what you love!” I would consider a powerhouse couple bringing the most diverse group of people I’ve seen to pack out Cowboys stadium, and them all screaming your music back to you the epitome of achieving a dream.


Now, I may not dream of dancing in heels in front of sold-out stadiums (I do not have the legs or the voice to even want to dream of that), but I do have a dream that feels just as big to me. And what’s going to get me there? Hours on the couch watching Netflix? Spreading myself out without asking for help and support in areas I’m not best at? Just going along with the idea of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”?


Work hard. Then work harder. Take the Netflix breaks when necessary (even Beyonce and Jay Z take beach vacations) but then get back to work. Push yourself and the boundaries that other people have you in. Push on them until they explode and you find yourself in a world you couldn’t even dream of. Always think through it all. Listening to your personal artistic and creative sense will never steer you wrong, and eventually, the right people will listen, and they will be there to empower you. Put on that “fierce” persona when you need to. Dance in that unitard and heels, then change into your sneakers and shorts and hold your baby at the end of the day. You can be both. Follow your heart and your feet will learn to take that path too. Keep your dream yours, and your heart will help you guard it from those who want to shape it for you.


Who runs (your) world? You.


And, just because I love you. Here’s a little additional pick-me-up from the always on point Danielle LaPorte





It’s Monday. A new start to a new week. Let’s run this.



Man, what a week. Coming off a weekend full of inspiration and some new lessons, this week James and I took a little jaunt to Dallas to see this little thing called the On The Run Tour with Beyonce + Jay Z (you know they deserve at least one full post, so I’m going to just leave it for now). Between everything that’s happened this summer and all that I’ve seen and experienced, I’m in thought overload (again, it’s own post, so patience friends).


Besides going to the concert of my life, this is what it looked like for me:


Listening to:

Beyonce. all day everyday. Unfortunately her latest album isn’t on Rdio, but I also gave her other albums their fair share of attention:




Strangely, not a lot. Mostly It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to give my brain a little bit of a break.



In between books right now too, ha. I just finished BJ Novak’s One More Thing, and I’m going to start #GIRLBOSS this weekend I think.

But where there’s a lack of books, there are ton of  blogs! Here are some jewels I found this week online:

We’re not has-beens, we’re not yet-to-bes. We’re just ourselves.

Fly that freak flag and own it because no one else will. 

Define what your brand stands for with pillars. (Working on this for Truebadours for sure)

I know I linked to them last week, but the Wonder Jam has upped their blog game! This is a great article about when and how to barter.

This one hits you in your gut:  We do not need more artists using art to prove their specialness. “Special” artists don’t move us. What moves us are artists who show us that our shared, ordinary human experience is special enough. You Don’t Need more Talent or Time.

Great things to think about if you are currently or are planning on working from home.

What?! 10 positive consequences of not improving yourself. I just love Danielle.



Way too much. What do I want and what does it look like? How far will I go to get to a place I dream of?

Mid-week mini vacations are the best.

I really need to put my money where my mouth is with what I shared on Monday.

Maybe I need to start making actual lists to get some things done…




I’m looking forward to a weekend of just soaking up  downtime and processing through some things that have been put on the back burner. Oh, and go catch up on some movies that are in theatres.


I hope you had a great week. Tell me all about it.

What are your plans for the weekend?


Happy Friday, friends!




Did you see this week’s wedding? Check it out here.



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Truebadours July Special

Erin and Ryan | Arkansas Wedding Videography



This wedding was special for about a million reasons.


In this wedding, I played double duty. I was a bridesmaid and a videographer. Which was tricky and required a lot of planning ahead, but so worth it to stand on that stage with Erin.


Erin and I have known each other for a few years, but it feels like a lifetime. New relationships, breakups, family tragedies, ridiculous music in the car moments, stupid inside jokes, you name it, we’ve been through it.


Then she fell (back) in love with someone who she knew she was mean to be with, and he whisked her away to Japan for her new adventure.


It was an honor to stand on stage with you, Erin. But it was just as much of an honor to capture this day for you.


When you’re across the ocean maybe feeling a little lonely, remember this day. So many friends around you who love you and wanted to celebrate this new chapter in your life.



Erin and Ryan | Highlight from Truebadours on Vimeo.


A few notes on this video:

-This is probably my favorite ending to a wedding video. ever.

-Yes, that is me being ridiculous in front of the camera during her portrait session. I just wanted her to see my excited face (that’s where the whole stupid inside joke thing comes in to play). I will NOT video bomb your wedding video (unless you ask me to).

-James has the best dance moves.



Congrats to Erin and Ryan and their adventure of new places and a new marriage! We love you and can’t wait to see you again!



Celebrating life with my friends, and pursuing my dream at the same time? What a lucky girl I am to do what I do.





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PS. Just a friendly reminder to you future brides that we have a July Special going on! Don’t miss it! Contact us for more details.


Truebadours July Special

Monday Morning Pick Me Up


(photo via Death to Stock)



What a weekend. Do you ever have those days that seem to put your entire life in perspective?


On Friday, James and I attended the memorial service of one of his friends from his college-ish days. He wasn’t someone James saw often, but their friendship remained throughout the years. The memorial service was really beautiful (as they usually are), but something punched me in the gut in a way I didn’t expect. James’ friend was 30, he had a degree from community college and was a waiter at a local restaurant. To be honest, there are a lot of people who assume that someone who’s a waiter at 30 is “still trying to figure things out”, but not him. Story after story came about how he changed someone’s life as he got to know them as regulars at the restaurant. There was a story from a girl who was in a wheelchair on her birthday and desperately wanted to eat at the restaurant, but couldn’t get to the only empty table since it was in the back. This man not only went and asked everyone in her path to stand up and make room for her to get through, but to also sing her happy birthday as she went to her table.

Things like this always remind me about the idea of getting to come back and say hello through memories, but in that story, a bigger perspective shifted.

Your job doesn’t matter. It’s not about your awards or accolades or bank account or dream job. 

Whatever it is that you’re doing right now, it’s not about how quickly you’ll move up and out, it’s about taking every second and every encounter with people to remind them that they are worth your time, your attention, and your respect.


After the memorial service, James had a reunion of sorts with that group of people that he had lost touch with over the years. It was full of moments of “we need to see each other more” and “why has it been so long?”

Beyond those one-time interactions where you remind people of their value, don’t take those deeply rooted relationships for granted.

Yes, we all get busy, but even if it’s a time marked out on your calendar once every few weeks, take time to catch up with someone you’re connected to. Remind yourself that you’re here for someone for the long haul and they’re here to do the same for you.


The next day, James and I drove to Oklahoma to visit one of my dearest friends who played one of the biggest roles in my life outside of James and my family. The “we need to see each other more” and “why has it been so long”s came again, and I sat there with the love of my life on one side and the friend of my life on the other, thinking  ”this. this is what will make my life count.”


I’m not saying don’t pursue dreams. The fact is life is short, so chase after them like you might not have the chance again.


I’m just saying maybe we as a culture need to add friendships back into those dreams.


So go, treat everyone with respect and love and change their lives be it through one interaction or a lifetime of conversations and friendships. Take that chance, grow that dream, not afraid that it might be over tomorrow, but because it could be and that’s not depressing–it’s release, permission, and motivation.


YOLO. So go do something and bring some friends with you.