Erin and Ryan | Arkansas Wedding Videography



This wedding was special for about a million reasons.


In this wedding, I played double duty. I was a bridesmaid and a videographer. Which was tricky and required a lot of planning ahead, but so worth it to stand on that stage with Erin.


Erin and I have known each other for a few years, but it feels like a lifetime. New relationships, breakups, family tragedies, ridiculous music in the car moments, stupid inside jokes, you name it, we’ve been through it.


Then she fell (back) in love with someone who she knew she was mean to be with, and he whisked her away to Japan for her new adventure.


It was an honor to stand on stage with you, Erin. But it was just as much of an honor to capture this day for you.


When you’re across the ocean maybe feeling a little lonely, remember this day. So many friends around you who love you and wanted to celebrate this new chapter in your life.



Erin and Ryan | Highlight from Truebadours on Vimeo.


A few notes on this video:

-This is probably my favorite ending to a wedding video. ever.

-Yes, that is me being ridiculous in front of the camera during her portrait session. I just wanted her to see my excited face (that’s where the whole stupid inside joke thing comes in to play). I will NOT video bomb your wedding video (unless you ask me to).

-James has the best dance moves.



Congrats to Erin and Ryan and their adventure of new places and a new marriage! We love you and can’t wait to see you again!



Celebrating life with my friends, and pursuing my dream at the same time? What a lucky girl I am to do what I do.





Want us to capture your day? Let us know!



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Truebadours July Special

Monday Morning Pick Me Up


(photo via Death to Stock)



What a weekend. Do you ever have those days that seem to put your entire life in perspective?


On Friday, James and I attended the memorial service of one of his friends from his college-ish days. He wasn’t someone James saw often, but their friendship remained throughout the years. The memorial service was really beautiful (as they usually are), but something punched me in the gut in a way I didn’t expect. James’ friend was 30, he had a degree from community college and was a waiter at a local restaurant. To be honest, there are a lot of people who assume that someone who’s a waiter at 30 is “still trying to figure things out”, but not him. Story after story came about how he changed someone’s life as he got to know them as regulars at the restaurant. There was a story from a girl who was in a wheelchair on her birthday and desperately wanted to eat at the restaurant, but couldn’t get to the only empty table since it was in the back. This man not only went and asked everyone in her path to stand up and make room for her to get through, but to also sing her happy birthday as she went to her table.

Things like this always remind me about the idea of getting to come back and say hello through memories, but in that story, a bigger perspective shifted.

Your job doesn’t matter. It’s not about your awards or accolades or bank account or dream job. 

Whatever it is that you’re doing right now, it’s not about how quickly you’ll move up and out, it’s about taking every second and every encounter with people to remind them that they are worth your time, your attention, and your respect.


After the memorial service, James had a reunion of sorts with that group of people that he had lost touch with over the years. It was full of moments of “we need to see each other more” and “why has it been so long?”

Beyond those one-time interactions where you remind people of their value, don’t take those deeply rooted relationships for granted.

Yes, we all get busy, but even if it’s a time marked out on your calendar once every few weeks, take time to catch up with someone you’re connected to. Remind yourself that you’re here for someone for the long haul and they’re here to do the same for you.


The next day, James and I drove to Oklahoma to visit one of my dearest friends who played one of the biggest roles in my life outside of James and my family. The “we need to see each other more” and “why has it been so long”s came again, and I sat there with the love of my life on one side and the friend of my life on the other, thinking  ”this. this is what will make my life count.”


I’m not saying don’t pursue dreams. The fact is life is short, so chase after them like you might not have the chance again.


I’m just saying maybe we as a culture need to add friendships back into those dreams.


So go, treat everyone with respect and love and change their lives be it through one interaction or a lifetime of conversations and friendships. Take that chance, grow that dream, not afraid that it might be over tomorrow, but because it could be and that’s not depressing–it’s release, permission, and motivation.


YOLO. So go do something and bring some friends with you.


Friday [Finally]

7.18 friday finally


It has been SO weird being in an office after such an relaxed and varied schedule, but luckily I do like my 8-5, so it’s been a smoother adjustment than I thought.


It has also been crazy catching up with all of the files sitting around on the Truebadours computer. There are weddings and a few fun projects coming your way soon (on a related note, if any of you want to mail me coffee, now’s the time).


How was your week? Did you do anything out of your routine?


For me, I’ve been:


Listening to:


I’ve loved Sia since I first heard “Breathe Me”. I love it when true artists work long and hard and finally get the recognition they deserve. And the hiding her face thing? So interesting.



One More Thing by BJ Novak. This book full of hilarious and sarcastic short stories. It starts with a rematch of the tortoise and the hare and goes from there. A quick read with sharp bits of truth being told through humor.

I love that The Wonder Jam explained their name. Names for business are so important, but the little insights you might not guess about it bring the true personality.

Just like every other female, I’m going to start reading GIRLBOSS next, but has anyone read the Glitter Plan? Lauren makes me think I might need to.

“And if you’re just like everybody else, then you don’t have a tribe. You’ve got a tribute. Because real tribes? Have real leaders.” Ash always stirs things up when I’m thinking about them. Like her thoughts on tribes as I’m just starting to wonder about them myself.



I love this vignette from Josh Boston. The idea of taking one phrase and creating a piece of art from it is so inspiring. (It also just so happens to feature one of my favorite photographers/bloggers, Kinsey)

Love’s Plight from Josh Boston on Vimeo.

I’m catching up on shows that I missed while on the road (Orphan Black, The Leftovers, and my guilty pleasure of late-Nurse Jackie)

While on the road I watched quite a few iTunes rentals and netflix movies. One of my favorites was Short Term 12. The stories, the way it was made, everything was perfectly suited for the film….it made me want to start writing scripts again…



I’m 4 days in to a Whole 30. That’s enough learning for me for a while. Any #whole30 tips for this beginner?



Happy Friday, friends. I’m off for a weekend of editing, and a short trip visiting one of my very dear friends. What will you be up to this weekend?





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Hello, old friend–and some musings on tribes



Well, six weeks, 8 states, and a lifetime of inspiration later, I’m off the road and back home. I’ll be posting more about insights and inspirations I gathered on that journey as I process them over the next couple weeks, but I thought it would be best to pick up where we left off like, old friends often do.


So, now we’re back to our Monday inspirations.



I struggle with this. I want to tell everyone my whole life story so that there’s a sense of connection (even if it’s a fast, false sense) so I can feel like everyone is my friend (and then my introverted self reminds me that that’s a bad idea). Sometimes I look at creative communities or other people’s “tribes” and while I’m feeling jealous I start to wonder how I could get into that community/find people to be my tribe. One thing I’ve been really convinced of lately, though, is that if I just do what I love–what I’m meant to do, I will find myself in a tribe that feels so natural I didn’t even realize it was being created.

I’m confident in this “do your own thing and work hard and the rest will fall into place” because (even though I’m quick to forget) it happened in the most important area of my life. I was never going to get married, dating was just something for fun while I was being serious about school and growing myself to create and cultivate the future I knew I wanted. And as I was working on all of that I met this guy, and he kept showing up and I found myself talking to him more than I did to almost any other person. He called me out on stuff I was doing to push him away, and encouraged that rock hard wall I was so proud of to come tumbling down. And when I was convinced no one would, he stayed.

His life is an inspiration in itself, his self-confidence and fierce “big brother love” for anyone he meets ensures everyone feels like they’re home with family when they’re with him. He has joined me in all of my crazy pursuits, even now he’s finding more and more ways to grow Truebadours and his place in it because he is dedicated to seeing this dream become bigger than either of us can imagine.

So, though it’s hard sometimes when I look at other people and their tribes, I’ve got everything I need sitting on the couch beside me. The rest will come as I press forward with busy hands, open eyes, and a passionate heart–but it will just be icing on the cake.

Just like romantic relationships, people come in to our personal and professional lives by force or by natural fit. If by force, you might find yourself at the “cool” table for a little bit…at least until it gets uncomfortable. If by natural fit, your tribe or your client group or whatever it is that you’re looking for might be small, but it will be mighty. And it will last a lifetime. That’s where the real support is, and that’s where the life comes from.



(photo | Benfield photography from Alex and Trevor’s wedding)


Between him and a few dear friends…maybe I do have the “right people” after all…either way, I’m done worrying about it. I’m too busy doing my own thing.


How do you feel about the ideas of tribes? Do you have one? How did you find it what has it meant to you?



PS. It’s that guy’s birthday today, so send him all of your well-wishes. and don’t forget our July special in honor of both of our birthdays.


Alex and Trevor | Truebadours Wedding Videography


Hi friends!

Today, I bring you Alex and Trevor. Together for 6 years and so very much in love, you know the next (at least) 60 will be full of joy and sweet moments.

This wedding was seriously gorgeous. Alex thought through every single detail and it all came together so perfectly and so beautifully. Not to mention how gorgeous SHE looked (did someone say model? Because she easily could be). But more importantly than how it looked, this wedding felt perfect. The bride and groom were surrounded by a loving and supportive group of dear friends and family, and it was a true celebration of the most important part of a wedding-two people so in love they’re ready to guarantee the adventure for a lifetime.

But instead of describing it second by second, how about I just show you:



Alex and Trevor | Teaser from Truebadours on Vimeo.



Didn’t get enough? Watch the full version here.


Still can’t get enough? Check out Benfield Photography’s incredible work here.


Alex, you were a vision. Trevor, you were the perfect adoring groom. You two have such a beautiful life ahead of you and we’re honored to have captured its beginning.


We love weddings! And we’ve got more to show you over the next couple of weeks, so come back soon.


Happy July, friends.



PS: Did you see our post yesterday? We’re having a little birthday month celebration for you future brides! Contact us for more information or to book your date!

Truebadours July Special