Hello October



I can NOT believe it’s October. Every time I turn the page in my planner, I’m shocked about how close to the end of it I am.

But beyond shock is that tiny little voice of excitement because I LOVE fall (If you live in the south, you know it’s way too hot to be fall until October gets here). I don’t like fall because of PSL’s (I actually don’t like pumpkin flavor unless it’s pumpkin bread or homemade pie). I DO love sweaters and scarves and all that, but it’s different for me.

I love fall as much as I love spring, I’m a transition person. I love the moment when something’s finished and you’re waiting for something new to come. I love change.

I’m good at closure, when something’s done I just start walking forward to the next thing.

I love clean slates. Even the slightest hint of a chance to do something different or start something new makes me so happy.

I like the idea of examining what you brought upon you in one season, and dropping whatever didn’t serve you for the next one.


So, hello October and fall. You come around every 12 months, but you’re different every time.


This time around, I will.

Stop. Stop to think before I speak. Stop to make sure people know I love them. Stop to soak it all in and eat it all up.

Follow through. All those things I’ve pushed to the side? They will be dealt with.

Practice. Gratitude, solid work ethic, commitment to improving myself, patience, living to fulfill my core desires, I will practice them in tiny ways through my daily life.



What about you, friend? What will fall bring for you?


Here’s to new seasons.




Friday Finally

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This week started out with a semi-spontaneous mini road trip to see bands I’ve listened to for years play in a little venue in Oklahoma. Though it called for a slightly exhausted Tuesday, it was worth it to have some driving time and a night of really good music with friends from college.


How was your week? Did you take some time to fit something fun in?


This week, I’ve been:


Listening to: 

Sucre. She was the headliner for the show I saw on Monday and she did NOT disappoint.




I’ve been reading the Mortal Instruments series…the movie was a flop but the books are a really great young adult “getaway” book.



Kathleen spoke at Circles Conference and what she had to say was amazing, check out her talk here. (She also talks a little more about it on the Braid Blog)

Kyla Roma shares some tips on morning routines and shaking them up as the seasons change.

“The best creatives I know ask and try and fight for their art and that’s what makes them able to do the art they do.” YES! Read more about what Wyn Wiley has to say.

Gala Darling does it again: Stop waiting to be picked, choose yourself.

We all know about FOMO (fear of missing out) but what about JOMO?

For the film nerd in me: Sundance Cinematographers give the best and worst advice they’ve received.

There is a balance in being vulnerable, and if that balance is off, it can leave you feeling lonely.



James has finally hopped on the Parks and Rec wagon and I’m happily re-watching every episode with him. AND The Mindy Project and New Girl came back, so I’m really just spending a lot of time with some friend crushes.


Looking forward to:

James and I just booked our first vacation since our Honeymoon!!! Yay!

Fall wedding season starts this weekend for us and we’re so excited. (Check out this weekend’s couple and watch their love story here.)



Happy Friday, friends! What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Jessika + Zach | A Truebadours Love Story Video

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This weekend starts off fall wedding season, and we can’t wait to be filming all of the weddings we have booked!


Meet this weekend’s couple: Jessika and Zach. Jessika e-mailed us before she was even officially engaged to talk to us about filming her wedding and we anxiously waited (read: creeped on her facebook) for the day she became Zach’s fiancé.

After a short and sweet engagement they’re becoming man and wife on Sunday and I just know it’s going to be a good day.


Their love and respect for each other is just as strong as their deep friendship and sense of fun and adventure together–and what better start to a marriage than that?!


Get to know more about Jessika and Zach before we show you their wedding in a few weeks.


Jessika and Zach | A Love Story from Truebadours on Vimeo.


One of the best things we’ve done for the wedding video side of Truebadours is offering these new Love Story Videos. It’s such a fun way to learn more about our clients and really connect with them before the wedding day.


Want us to capture your love story and wedding day? Introduce yourself here!

(we still have a few openings for winter weddings, so don’t hesitate to ask!)

Monday Thoughts: On Scheduling Time For It All

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I am busy. I work 40 hours a week, and then I come home and work more. Then I have a husband, a family, and friends that I want to spend time with. Then I have hobbies I want to do. Then I have my health I need to start looking after.


You are busy, you work, you take care of children. You sneak in productivity during nap time. You have a job that always demands you stay late/come in early.


Something is always demanding our time.


Up until about a month ago, I thought I could just balance it all and fly by the seat of my pants. And then I realized that I–free spirit (slightly spacey) artistic Jess–needed a system.


So I took to my planner and started scheduling lists and to dos. And then I started added the fun stuff too. And, depending on the week (because nothing is ever always in balance), I get to do a little work and  a little play.



If I want something done, I put it in the planner. Now, it may not happen on the exact day it’s written down because I need that wiggle room to keep me from feeling too constrained (which then just makes for a cranky Jessica) but it will happen. When I write it down in my planner, it feels like a promise to myself which has become a major source of inspiration and motivation.


So what’s on my agenda?

Work stuff: any after-hours things for my day job or super important deadlines.

Truebadours stuff: Besides the major part of writing down when weddings/meetings/shoots are, I reserve time to edit videos, list out clients that need to be e-mailed, and even make an editorial calendar of sorts.

Workouts: I recently started truly following Tone It Up’s workout schedules, and since they release their schedules on Sundays, I can write it all in for the whole week. (Again: if it’s in my planner, I feel like I’m lying about it if I don’t do it. So this method’s got me in the gym for about two months straight–which is a huge deal for me)

Fun: I schedule coffee/hangouts, date nights, fun events (like tonight’s Honey Trees/Sucre show!!!), all of that to make sure I don’t try to book myself to the point of never seeing my friends or having fun.

Personal time: I’m not even joking. I scheduled some time to read and I have a date to do some Desire Mapping with myself this weekend. Again, if I write it down, it feels like a priority, so I make it happen.



Some tips:

Make it (at least a little) flexible: notice it’s in pencil, because sometimes life throws you something too good to say no to, or too rough to fit anything around it. Erase whatever doesn’t get done and move it to the next day or week.

Make it simple: There are only a few things in each day, because realistically I can accomplish that many things. If I put 25 things in one day I know I will run out of time to do them…then I feel like I failed…then I stop. Small lists mean I get them done, which means I feel ready to take on the next day with the success I just had that day.



What’s your key to juggling everything in your life? Do you use any organizational tools? What do you give priority in your schedule to?

In Case You’re Wondering Where I’ve Been: Some Thoughts on My Summer on the Road




This post is a long time coming from the summer. Things here have been hit and miss as far as getting to the blog, but I’m finally able to share why.


Now, usually I don’t talk about my day job here, but this is just too incredible for me not to share. I work for a museum in Arkansas that, while new, is getting national attention. This summer, it embarked on something different than any other museum had gone on before. Our president and our curator of this exhibition sourced colleagues to gather a list of thousands of artists whose work has not yet been fully recognized on a national level. That list went down to around one thousand and they began their road trip of a lifetime, visiting each artist in their studios. Eventually, a little over 100 were chosen and we had an exhibition.

This is where my story begins. Of those 100+, we made a list and a timeline and I got to hit the road for my trip of a lifetime. I spent 6 weeks hopping coast to coast and everywhere in between re-visiting artist to gather content for the museum resources. 

That’s right. I spent my days this summer traveling and hanging out with artists in their studios.

Yes, it was rough being away from James for the greater part of 6 weeks (I would be home just long enough to sleep and do laundry to re-pack), and I was traveling alone so that got weird/hard/lame, but I will never forget this summer that changed my life. I learned so much about art, travel, the life of artists and myself–but as soon as I got home I had to jump to editing, so everything else got put on a back-burner in my brain.

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As the exhibition is now open (read: I can breathe now) and summer is coming to a close, I feel like I’m finally able to process what I learned. (Of course, I learned a ton of facts and stories about what’s in our galleries, but here are some of the biggest takeaways I had about life and myself.)


Art is hard-not just the talent and the time it takes to create something part (which is ridiculous and difficult as well). Art is hard because it consumes you. It takes hours out of your days and it takes very special people to be able to maintain relationships with you in the midst of your planning, questioning, and working.  It seems like self-obsession, but it’s just that “artist” is an especially difficult thing to claim to be because you can’t just go home and leave your work behind you. It’s never just a job, it’s a core part of who you are, which makes it one of the hardest, consuming lives to lead.

Creativity, Freedom, and Life is a balance that looks different for everyone–you might have a family to provide for or a financial situation that takes strategic moves to make ends meet, so you spend your days moonlighting as an employee or a professor or a bartender/barista then go home, kiss your family and go spend the rest of your waking hours creating what gives you life. You may devote your whole life to just working and the rest figures itself out or is provided for. Either way, you do the most impressive dance moves and balancing acts to love your family, pay your rent, and create what your soul needs to make.

Your message is worth it and you know it-The two lessons above are worth it because you have a story and a message that needs to be expressed and released to people. Whether it’s a specific message or the act of making people ask a million questions, your statement is worth devoting your whole life to and the moment you see another person connect with that statement, something vibrates deep in your bones to give you the energy necessary to let it consume you once again as you work on your next piece or project.

There are no more rules-lifestyle, what you can and cannot talk about, what you can and cannot use to talk about it, where you went to school and how far you went (or if you didn’t go at all), doesn’t matter. What matters to the world is that they feel understood and connected to the world at large, and artists have the unique position and ability to do that for them. Because of that, the artists have a specific responsibility to forsake the rules and do whatever necessary to speak their piece and tell about what they see happening in our culture and around the world.

Always, always ask questions (and let others do the same)-it’s that constant questioning and curiosity that keeps us inspired and keeps us going. It’s the discussions that come up about those questions that keep us connected, and the worst thing we can do is cut those off. The artists that are creating exceptional work are not offended if someone sees their art in a different light than it was created–they welcome it because it means they’re continuing the conversation they’ve devoted their lives to saying.

It’s never too late-it’s never too late to go back to school, it’s never too late for a total reinvention of  yourself, it’s never to late to drop everything to run towards a dream. All that matters is that you’re paying attention to the timing of your own life and stay true to that. Yes, there’s a 20 year old doing what you wish you were doing, but at 40 you’ll do it your own way and it will be just as wonderful because you stuck with your path.

Keep going- the months (or years) of no one paying attention to your work, the long hours and tight finances, the time spent pouring over books learning your skill, the moments of total, overwhelming self doubt–it’s all so worth it when the right ”yes” comes along, it’s worth doing over and over again for the one person who tells you your work changed their lives or inspired them to do the same, so just. keep. going.


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These lessons go beyond artists, and I hope they can give you a little inspiration this weekend. Take some time to see what it is that you have to say in your work, life, etc. Does it need more attention than you give it? Are there any of these that resonate specifically with you?



Now I’m back to real life and I’m inspired and I feel myself shifting into a place that feels really, really good. This fall is for slowing down in certain areas to speed up in others and I’m so glad we’re all along for the ride.


Happy Friday, friends!

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If you want to know more about the exhibition (no matter where you live, it’s worth checking out), you can visit this website. And if you want to see the videos my team and I are creating for it, you can check those out here.