This Week-2



This week, I am grateful for: 

Days not so painfully cold, the opportunity to do something brave for myself, a few moments that let me know I’m heading in directions I want to go, questions answered with yes, moments to soak it up, the callouses rebuilding on my fingertips from playing my guitar, Amy Poehler, coffee, a husband who calls me out when I need it


The highlight of my week was: 

Professional | realizing that someone you want to work with wants to work with you

Personal | I signed up for something and made a promise to work on myself (more on that soon)


This week, I read: 

I finished Yes Please…twice. Once for the humor/stories, once for the life lessons.

Some articles on self love, because that’s what I’m all about these days:

Be Kind to Yourself (Part 1)

Be Kind to Yourself (Part 2)

Steps in Self Love

This girl can campaign

Danielle LaPorte’s 10 tips for real success


This week, I listened to: 

Being Boss’ latest episode on redefining professional


This album, because the Decemberists sound like the best of days


This week I watched: 

Empire: Best part? they don’t pull any punches


This weekend I’m looking forward to:

a meet-up I can’t wait to see the results of

a balanced schedule of being productive and spending time with the family.


Katelyn and Dale | Northwest Arkansas Wedding Videography



I had the pleasure of working with Katelyn and Dale for their wedding day. And what a day (and a wedding) it was!

There were so many loving moments in this day. The laughter and stories told while Katelyn and her bridesmaids got ready. The moment where everyone was asked to leave the room, while Katelyn and her mom put her dress on together. The following moment where the bridesmaids were asked to re-enter and the smiles, laughter, and joy that they all felt seeing their friend in her gorgeous gown. The smile of Dale’s face when he can hear Katelyn first walk into the room to greet him. The emotion that comes from the pocket watch she gives him and the story behind it. The ceremony and how intimate and beautiful it was can be described in one word, perfect. The friends and family cheering during their first kiss and announcement. The get away car. The dancing. Oh the dancing. There was just pure joy out on that dance floor.

I had the time of my life getting to watch and record every single one of these moments.

Watch the video below and you’ll get a glimpse of those moments…



Katelyn and Dale Highlight | Arkansas Wedding Film from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Katelyn and Dale, it was a pleasure meeting you and being part of your special day. Thank you for proving that love exists in every moment and it was an honor to be part of yours.


- James



Want Truebadours to capture your wedding? Contact us! 

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. | Find your way to share your love




It’s no secret we live in crazy times. All you need to do is look through the New York Times photos of 2014 to see the strange dichotomy of events that are summarizing this time in the world: grand moments of human victory, cultural events, acts of terror, riots, war, disease, love, life, death. SO much. So much laughter and so much sadness, so much light and so much darkness.


This year more than any other year, I have found myself sitting there feeling so helpless. I am small, I’m in a little part of the southern U.S., I’m not visible, I’m not wealthy and can’t give a lot. There’s so much I don’t know, so much I want to know, so much I want to do.


I want to march down the streets hand in hand–unified with greater humanity for something bigger than our #firstworldproblems and our tunnel visioned day to day life.

I want to do something that changes the way the world operates–something that reminds people of love and of the good things that we all have in common: beauty, stories, life.


Because that’s what Martin Luther King Jr. was about: he was about fighting for justice through love. About unity and supporting each other regardless of skin color, economic status, beliefs, lifestyles. He was about human dignity being something that all humans deserve, simply because they are alive on this earth.



In a world of global changers, of organizations and individuals following King’s footsteps and doing big things, it’s so easy for me to get down on myself because I’m not starting organizations or protesting or sharing my voice on a national platform.


But here’s the thing: King’s movement was not just because of him. His movement relied on the people marching with him, on spreading and supporting his message and showing up.


That’s what I can do: I might not be equipped to be the voice of a revolution, but I can show up.


I  can show up by doing what I can, using what I have. What do I have? I have this company. And it exists because this is how I show up and shine a little bit of light in to the darkness.


Sharing creativity and art? Showing two people committing to loving each other forever? Celebrating life? Telling the story of organizations doing their part to bring messages of human dignity and hope? Those are my lights to shine.


What about you? As you take a moment today to respect what Martin Luther King Jr. fought for, as you take a moment see how far the world has come–and how much farther it has to go–what can you do? What’s your light?


Find it, shine it. Shine it until we’ve lit up all the darkness. Because when we want to, people can be powerfully, brilliantly bright.

January: A Month of Planning



What are you planning this year?

Is it a trip? an investment (time and/or money)? a new job? school? wedding?

January is always a time for planning.
It’s reviewing what worked last year, what didn’t work last year, and taking it all  in to account.


where do I go this year?


We’re looking to our words for 2015 (James’ and Jess’) to guide us as we make some plans.


We’ll go in to our plans more as the month continues, but we want to hear from you: What are you planning? What didn’t work in 2014 and what are you doing to change courses?


What planning resources are you using, and where are you looking for guidance on your plans?


January is for planning. It’s for first steps in new journeys or extra steps in a path you’ve already started on.


No matter what, those steps will lead to adventure. So let’s get started.

This week-1



This week, I am grateful for:

winter (because the sky and the light is just too perfect), time to sink a little deeper in to my goals and intentions for the new year (and my word for 2015), my husband who is just really great and is willing to switch up his plans for a date night with me when I need it (you can read his word for 2015 here), animal youtube videos, chances to meet new people, great shooting days with clients I’m excited about, daydreams, coffee (always coffee), new ideas, food, lessons learned, zumba classes, room for improvement, amazon gift cards, getting to share love with the world (this week’s wedding), the chance to make a change, potential, danielle laporte, the color gold, books, amy poehler, sushi, a 5am morning, and getting to go to bed early.


My highlight this week was:

Professional | Getting to work with Jen Lewis and her bringing the SWEETEST stylists ever.

Personal | Dancing 4 MILES worth of steps in a new Zumba class I found. What a rush.



This week, I read:

A lot of Yes Please by Amy Poehler

A lot of the Desire Map

And these blog posts:

From Indie Foundry: Practical tips for getting organized in 2015A ROBUST PROFESSIONAL LIFE IS NOT THE SAME AS A PURPOSEFUL PERSONAL LIFE.

From The Define School: The Art Only You Can Create; What I Have to Say: Anaa Naphtali

From the Yellow Conference Blog: Rediscovering Authenticity: A Series; How to Create Your Brand and Stick With It.

From Storyline Blog: You are in a relationship with yourself; make it a good one.

From Danielle LaPorte: 49 Promo ideas



This week I listened to: 

A new podcast I can’t wait to keep listening to: Being Boss



This week I watched: 

In To The Woods | Best part? You are not alone


This weekend I’m looking forward to: 

Finishing up the last of the 2014 edits.

Spending time with my coffee, my journal, and figuring some things out to make my word Brave a reality.



What did you do this week?

Happy Friday, Friends.