Kelsie + Evan | Springfield Missouri Wedding Videography

Kelsie and Evan coverpic


Kelsie and Evan’s wedding was the perfect, classy New Year’s Eve Wedding. The venue, her dress, the guys getting fresh haircuts and shaves? All perfect details to set the tone for Kelsie and Evan’s day.

They wrote their own vows and said them before their loved ones, and they danced the night away. The freezing winter weather wasn’t about to stop Kelsie and Evan and their friends and family from celebrating.

A countdown at the end and ringing in the New Year was such a special way to remind everyone in the room that this day was for new adventures–the biggest one being love and a life together as husband and wife.


So without further ado, Kelsie and Evans New Years Eve Springfield Wedding video (this is just the teaser, watch the full highlight here):


Kelsie and Evan | Springfield Missouri Wedding Teaser from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Kelsie and Evan, you started 2015 in the best of ways, may your life be sweeter and sweeter each year. Thank you for letting us witness your love and share it with the world.



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You’re doing okay



Good Monday, friends.


I just want to take today to remind you that you’re doing okay. Promise.


I’ve talked before about how you are good enough (here), but I want you to do know that you’re also doing enough. We get so caught up in making sure we’re hustling, organized, Pinterest perfect, exact work/life balance acheived. Always obsessing over how to improve, making sure we’re going at the right speed. Vowing to not sit on the couch and turn on the tv for the rest of your life just so you can beat the doubters or the competition.


Stop. Breathe. You’re doing okay.


You’re working hard enough, there’s enough room for you and everyone else in your industry to make it. Whatever your balance looks like right now, it’s good enough. Your house is just fine, your hair is too. You’re doing everything you can the best you can do it. Don’t look to the left or right or Instagram for someone to tell you how you measure up, because there’s actually no measuring stick.


Use what you have. Where you are. Do what you can. You’re doing alright.


Articles from the internet to help:

You’re not doing life wrong

The Futility of Always Pushing Myself to be More

Sonder: a word and a way to look at the world

Handle Competition like a Pro (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Why would a successful artist share everything he knows?

You’re doing just fine

Dealing with Uncertainty for Creative Entrepreneurs. 

This week-6



This week I am grateful for: intentionally taking time away from things, the inspiration that comes when you make that room, my sister, James’ mind (he’s so smart and thinks so deep and our conversations are just really, really good), music, getting to launch a passion project of mine and I’m SO excited to see where it goes, cough drops and tea


Highlights of the week:

Professional: Our first Corner Session went live on the blog, and we can’t wait to book more musicians for this (if you’re a musician and want in, let me know here

Personal: After a step I took to be Brave, I’m continuing in challenge groups, and I’ve signed up to be a Beachbody coach. Yep. You’ll here more about that soon (but not too much, because I don’t want to spam you). Also, my sister and I got to have a random sleepover, and it was just too good to not be a highlight. I love being grown-up siblings.


This week I read:

I finished Cold Tangerines, and I’m looking for my next book. Recommendations?


loved this article on Getting Lost in Just Doing.

Stop Apologizing for wanting a work/life balance

James Franco and creating a community without being dependent on others

The Indie Foundry is giving some great advice: The Professional Customer Demystified

The Storyline blog on how to create a No-Judgement Zone

Kyla Roma on what to do before launching a product so you can actually sell it.

The {well} studios on Defining the Blogging Relationship

This sweet Parks and Rec tribute from Darling Magazine

Ale released a gorgeous video, as well as some thoughts about transitions in her work. 


This week I listened to:

Lucy Rose. I heard her song on Girls and I can’t stop listening.

This week I watched:

The Oscars. It makes me so proud to be in the industry I’m in. And it inspired me to keep pressing towards my career goals and dreams.


This weekend, I’m looking forward to: 

Seeing an artist friend from out of town, finishing a wedding, and sleep.


How was your week? How will you be spending your weekend?


Happy Friday, friends!

Introducing Corner Sessions: Arkansas Music Videos



You’ve seen the videos on our Facebook Page, but it’s time we brought it to the blog!

A little backstory: Both James and I love music. It’s part of my earliest and dearest memories, it’s what started me on paths to creativity. James and I were both in bands growing up (his punk, mine folk) and James’ education and career in audio stemmed from his love of it as well. A lot of our life together has involved music and a lot of our adventures include road trips to concerts. It’s so vital to our creativity and our life in general.

We’ve recently become friends with the guys at Haxton Road, a local recording studio here in Arkansas and we began talking. What if we worked together to offer artists something a little extra, something special? That conversation is what lead to the post I’m writing right now.


Introducing Corner Sessions: A music video collaboration between musicians, Truebadours and Haxton Road Recording Studio.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.41.30 AM


There is something magical about throwing different talents together and letting them do what they do best, and that’s what the Corner Sessions are doing with music + video + audio (plus we film in local places, so there’s an extra step of building community that gets me even more excited). We won’t follow the same formula for every musician, it’s about making it feel like the right and most natural fit for them. That comfort and freedom is what makes these projects extra fun, energizing, and inspiring.


Our first musician set the bar high: Josh Noren.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 11.21.02 AM

Josh is an Arkansas native who’s making his way in Nashville. He’s not just a great songwriter, he’s an incredibly talented musician. I’m talking one-take-wonder. We were so thankful to have him come along as our first corner session musician.


Sit back and enjoy our first two Corner Session Music videos featuring Josh Noren and filmed at the Hatchery in Springdale (Thanks to Perrodin Supply for letting us use their space).

Corner Sessions: Josh Noren – “Again” from Truebadours on Vimeo.



Corner Session: Josh Noren –All I Ever Had from Truebadours on Vimeo.



Josh, thank you again for letting us film your talent and share it.

Haxton Road, this is fun. Let’s keep doing it.


Musicians, let’s keep this going. Let us know if you want to be next.




Truebadours are looking for musicians for Corner Sessions and a few other projects. So if you’re a singer/songwriter, band of any genre, spoken word, you name it. Say hello and let’s see what kind of creative magic we can make.

The Little Craft Show 2014 | Arkansas Event Videography

Little Craft show highlight video


What can we say that hasn’t already been said here or here?


We love the Perrodins, we love the hard work that they do for their community. We love seeing the support given to people like them–people who are living their lives in genuine, creative ways. Let’s take away the competition that artists and local businesses can feel and make it all about celebration. Because who doesn’t like a party?



Amber & Jonathan, you truly are some of our heroes, and we feel honored every time we get to work with you.



Check out this year’s Holiday Little Craft Show Highlight Video:

Little Craft Show 2014 from Truebadours on Vimeo.



Guess what? The party just keeps going! The first ever Spring Little Craft Show is coming this May, so check out for more.




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