Zoe + Patrick | Arkansas Wedding Videography

From the day we met Zoe + Patrick we knew they were going to have a fun wedding day, and they did not disappoint! They were all smiles and laughter. They were just so excited to begin their life as a married couple. A beautiful, traditional ceremony; gorgeous florals; and a night of dancing with friends. What could be better?


Zoe + Patrick | Wedding Highlight from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Zoe and Patrick, thank you for having us along to create your wedding video!

Bo + Keith | Proposal Video

When you’ve been together for 9 years and want to propose, why not go all out?


Bo got a whole team together to pull off an incredible surprise for Keith. Amanda Reed pulled out all her stops to transform the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks in to the perfect proposal spot. Bo got Keith there under the guise of a photoshoot (Bo does hair and he and Keith do makeup), so that’s what we made it look like at first. Amanda had her team there pretending to be models, then told Keith she desperately needed a smokey eye on one of the girls. Once Keith was inside doing makeup, we were able to get Bo placed and ready…in front of the sweetest message on a greenery wall.

The rest? Well, you’ll just have to see!


Bo + Keith | Proposal from Truebadours on Vimeo.

*The surprise dinner was made by one of their best friends–and a previous client of ours–Jen with Cooking Fresh, who flew in from Charlotte just for them.


Everything was so sweet and joyful, and it was so precious to see the team that came together to help Bo and Keith have this moment. It was such an honor to get to capture this video for them.


Bo and Keith, you are so well loved. I hope you have a blast being engaged and that your wedding plans go smoothly. Remember to soak up this part of your adventure, I know it comes with stress and decisions and all of that, but it’s such a beautiful time. Here’s to you and your future bliss.

Courtney + Aaron | Arkansas Wedding Videography

courtney + aaron 2


Courtney and Aaron got married at The Barn at the Springs. I knew I’d reached the right place when I could hear Courtney’s laughter echo through the venue, and that laughter never stopped. After years of adventures together, Courtney and Aaron were finally beginning their chapter as husband and wife.


Their wedding day was full of bright colors, gorgeous light, and so much joy. See their wedding video for yourself:


Courtney + Aaron | Highlight from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Courtney and Aaron, thank you so much for having us along to create your wedding video for you. We hope you’re loving life together as husband and wife!

The Pistons | Adoption Story Video

When a family is pregnant with a child, there’s a 9 month long season of celebration and preparation. “Bump updates” and maternity photos, nesting and gender reveals and “What to Expect” books and blogs. Those things are so much fun and are so worth celebrating, but sometimes a family in the season of adoption doesn’t get the same documentation and season of preparation. No matter how a family is welcoming a child in to their home, we believe they all should have their big moments documented.


That’s why we were honored and thrilled to create an adoption story video for Nate + Kristin as they welcomed their second child, Lily to their family.


Kristin + Nate have a special story that lead them to adoption, and we loved getting to see them be parents to Miles and Lily.

Kristin + Nate, thank you for letting us in to your story. Miles and Lily are so incredibly loved, and we are so inspired by that.


Jen + Brock | Arkansas Wedding Videographer

jen + brock 2


Five years ago, almost to the day, Jen caught Brock’s eye at Powerhouse gym. For months, they shared smiles, but no words. They would look at each other during their workouts, both secretly hoping the other would talk to them.


The first words were spoken one day in December 2012 when Brock wanted Jen’s help doing burpees. He asked, “want to trade spots?” Her answer was very short but profound, with a smile, “so you can rest?”. They went weeks without speaking again until one Saturday, during a post workout stretch, they struck up a conversation…and that was the beginning….


Jen + Brock | Wedding Highlight from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Jen and Brock, thank you so much for having us create your wedding video for you.