El Renacimiento | LaDonna Lanier + Truebadours

Some of you may remember a post from January 2016 where I shared the project Legado by LaDonna Lanier. Well, we teamed up again to share her vision for her new venture, Rebel Bride. Her idea is to create a space of inspiration for brides wanting a little something different in their wedding day. LaDonna is a fearless art-director/stylist, so this is a perfect fit for her.


Now, on to this project: El Renacimiento.


According to LaDonna, “‘El Renacimiento’: loosely translated, means rebirth. My last project was called Bautismo or Baptism and I feel like this is a rebirth for me. I work in the bridal industry which sometimes the work can feel cliche and overly adorned. I never like to follow trends. I like to take away the distractions and leave my heart in my projects and be really unique.  I wanted to honor the woman who lives in me and the women that surround me. I started writing out who this particular bride was: This is a woman who listens to Stevie Nicks, John Lennon, and The Staples Singers. She’s well-traveled. She’s high-style but chill. She’s strong and fragile. She’s comfortable breaking the rules. She’s authentic, elegant, and effortless. She’s wonderful and flawed. She’s the epitome of cool.”


That’s exactly what came through. The styling was stripped down, but still meaningful. No distractions, just our gorgeous model letting loose in a recording studio. LaDonna knows what she wants to see in the final products and has an incredible gift of making that happen in a way that feels so natural. It truly is a joy watching this woman’s process.


It was also such a great way to finally get to work with The Harp Creatives! Anna has a gorgeous, soulful eye. You can see her photos from El Renacimiento here.


So, we introduce you to El Renacimiento and to Rebel Bride:


LaDonna Lanier | El Renacimiento from Truebadours on Vimeo.


HUGE thanks to StoneRidge Recording Studio for letting us use their space. It was perfect for this shoot!


Everyone you need to know:

LaDonna: Website, Instagram, Rebel Bride site, Rebel Bride Instagram

The Harp Creatives: Website, Instagram

StoneRidge Recording Studio: Website, Instagram

*Dress courtesy of Becca Kessler-Leon


Cameron Johnson Live Music Videos | Truebadours + Haxton Road Studios

Cameron Johnson Crooked Bangs

Music is one of the most essential parts of who I am. It’s where I first learned about stories with soul. My first memories include my grandpa and his guitar. Playing music is where I first found myself able to express emotions and to make myself vulnerable.


So, when I get to use my camera to share musicians and their art with the rest of the world? My whole creative self feels energized. I love making music videos.


And, man, did Cameron bring an energy with him.


love watching people do what they love. To get to film it and share it to the world? Even. Better.


So, here are the music videos we got to film of Cameron Johnson with Marcus Garoutte on the fiddle. Haxton Road Studios did all of the audio recording and mixing, and they killed it as always. Also, a huge thanks to Cave Springs Coffee Co. for letting us use their shop!



Cameron Johnson – Crooked Bangs from Truebadours on Vimeo.

Cameron Johnson – On My Own from Truebadours on Vimeo.

Cameron Johnson – In the Winter Time from Truebadours on Vimeo.

Caitlin + Rylie | Arkansas Wedding Video

Caitlin + Rylie Teaser.00_01_20_03.Still005


We loved Caitlin and Rylie’s wedding!

Caitlin’s dress was gorgeous. Almost as gorgeous as the couple themselves. Their first look was so sweet, and their ceremony (officiated by Caitlin’s brother) was hilarious. The reception, complete with caricatures, excellent dance moves, and a balloon exit, was a great time spent with their dear friends.


So, enjoy Caitlin + Rylie’s wedding video!


Caitlin + Rylie | Wedding Highlight from Truebadours on Vimeo.



Caitlin and Rylie, thank you so much for having us along to create your wedding video. We hope you’re loving life as a new family!

Tammy + Blake | 21c Wedding Video

Tammy + Blake 2


Tammy and Blake got married at 21c, which created the perfect atmosphere for their celebration. From contests on who could have the most green penguins in their room, to their indoor/outdoor reception and everything in between, it was such a good venue.


Tammy looked gorgeous with her custom made gold jacket, and they ended the evening in style with a ride in a piece of art called Making Change by Monica Mahoney, which you usually see parked outside of the venue (it’s a car covered in pennies, and it’s so cool. You can read about it here).


The whole day was full of family and long time friends. My favorite moments where when Blake cried seeing Tammy for the first time. And, at the reception, there was such a sweet moment when Tammy allowed her sister to share her first dance since their dad wasn’t able to dance at her wedding. Those moments? Those are the ones I live for while filming weddings.


So, why don’t I show you?


Here’s Tammy + Blakes 21c Wedding Video:


Tammy + Blake | Wedding Highlight from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Tammy + Blake, thank you so much for having us com along to film your wedding! We hope you’re enjoying every moment of being Mr. and Mrs.

Kayleen + Brett | Vintage Glam with a Broadway Flair

Kayleen + Brett Graphic 1


Kayleen and Brett found us while they were planning their wedding all the way from New York City, and we’re so glad they invited us to film their wedding at the historic Coleman Theatre in Miami, Oklahoma.


This was one of those weddings where the personality of the bride and groom shone through in everything. Brett and Kayleen are in New York City to pursue their theatre dreams, so it’s only fitting they said their vows in a historic theatre in their hometown. When their priest was not able to make it, they announced the priest that would be “filling in the role” before the ceremony–just like before a play if there’s a cast change.


Kayleen was the epitome of hollywood glam, one of her bridesmaids sang, and there may or may not have been dancing to “New York, New York” in their reception (there was).


The glam and the vintage vibe were great, but let’s talk about some sentimental moments:

The “no-look” first look was so intimate. They could touch, but they could not open their eyes. The anticipation was palpable (and the temptation was so strong to sneak a look).

Their vows. Wow. They each wrote their own and they were so beautiful and passionate. These two adore each other.

The portrait session was a dream, Kayleen and Brett really let their love shine through as they got to spend some time together before the reception.

The father of the bride serenading his daughter at the reception brought tears to all of our eyes. So much love between father and daughter.


So, here are Kayleen and Brett, and their beautiful day:

Kayleen + Brett | Wedding Highlight from Truebadours on Vimeo.



•Photographer: Miles Witt Boyer

• Ceremony Venue: Coleman Theatre

• Reception: Downstream Casino

• Kayleen’s dress: Kleinfeld Bridal