Rachel + David-Arkansas Wedding Video




Nothing beats that sweet love on a wedding day, and Rachel & David had that in abundance.


Rachel and David’s wedding day was full of good friends, silly moments, and a lot of love. You can tell these two are in for real life bliss, and we were so happy to be able to create their wedding video so they can re-live the day “forever” started for years to come.



Rachel + David | Teaser from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Want more love? See their full wedding highlight video here. 


Rachel and David, thank you so much for having us there to capture your sweet, sweet day. Lots of love and good wishes for all the days to come.




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Here Comes July



The year is halfway over, but I get to feel like it’s an extra new start. It’s my birthday month (and James’!), so I get to pause mid-way through the calendar year, while reflecting on a completed year of living. I love celebrating everyone’s birthday’s, but my birthday never seems like a big deal to me. Instead of a gift-list of things I want, I prefer meaningful tokens that I am understood (quality time, something that feeds in to goals for myself or a new creative tool–Luckily James is the best at this). Instead of parties, I want time for introspection–to see how I spent my time and to see what needs to be re-aligned for the remainder of the calendar year/beginning of my new year.

One of the best feelings in the world is to have that time of introspection end on a positive note. It’s so easy to just come away with a “to-do” list for your life, habits, dreams, etc. But instead I’m just walking away saying “You know what? I did my best and it was actually pretty good. I’m proud of what I’ve done and I’m proud of where I’m going.”


Choosing “Brave” as my word for 2015 has had so much more impact in my life than I thought it ever would. I can’t wait to see what it brings for the rest of the year.


More jumps, more love, more moments of living life fully. More times where I choose brave and “wild, messy, but on purpose” instead of things that are empty or simply “what I should be doing”.


Happy Summer! Happy July! Let’s soak it up like we do the sun.

Coffee Talk



I’ve decided that I want to spend some time on this blog getting to know you. So we’re going to have some coffee talks over here. What better day for a little chat than a Friday?

Today, let’s talk about your favorite way to celebrate. Both James and I have birthdays coming up in July, so celebrations are at the front of my mind.


What’s your favorite way to celebrate the people you love?

What are your favorite resources for party inspiration?

What is your favorite party/celebration tradition or memory?


And just for fun, some weekend reading (share your favorite links below!)

You are a grown up. Do what you want. -Alexandra Franzen is a new favorite of mine.

The Fresh Exchange talking about soaking up the beauty of everyday.

If you’re going to weigh something, weigh what matters. 


Happy Friday! I hope you’ve got some great plans for your weekend.

The Little Craft Show | Spring 2015-Arkansas Event Videography



We’ve shared time and time again how much we love The Little Craft Show (here, here, and here) but we’re never going to stop loving them, and here’s why: they are constantly pushing for more, but in the right ways. More space for more vendors to sell their creations, more ways to bring community together, more life and more fun to the makers community (and the community of shoppers who support them).


Each time they say “what if we….” it’s met with a huge response from the NW Arkansas community and it’s all because of the love they put in to everything they do.

This “what if” was a spring Little Craft Show and–you guessed it–a huge success. It brought everything we love about the winter/Christmas time show, added open air and it was the perfect spring time event.


Amber and Jonathan, we love you. Vendors of The Little Craft Show, your commitment to high creative quality and to the community of makers and small business owners astounds and impresses us every time. Shoppers of the Little Craft Show, you bring the extra life to each one, keep coming and supporting this incredible event.


Here is the Spring 2015 Little Craft Show highlight. Relive it if you were there, mark your calendars to not miss it again if you weren’t.:

The Little Craft Show | Spring 2015 from Truebadours on Vimeo.



Life by design & soaking it all up-Joining in on Revel 100

On Friday I was telling you about my thoughts on living life by design (my life is aching to be wild, messy, but on purpose), and I think the first step of it should be taking stock of what you have and appreciating it-instead of getting focused on everything that needs to change. (READ: No to-do lists here, just natural growth and change as we chose to savour what’s important.)

Well, I’ve been having a lot of conversations about these things with my dear photographer friend, Misty of Revelphoto. And as she’s been re-evaluating parts of her life and how she wants to live it, she’s come up with an incredible idea. I’m joining in and inviting you to do so as well.

Let me introduce you a little bit to Revel 100 (and then go to her post to read all about it)

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 3.27.02 PM


Here’s the gist: it’s an Instagram photo movement (notice: not a challenge-nothing that should be an added obligation) to help you soak up the moments that make your life yours. As Misty puts it in her blog post:

“It’s true that often you have to sift through the chaos to pull out the pieces that glimmer.  Sometimes while sifting through it, you start to really appreciate the chaos and recognize that beauty and worth are often disguised.  So go ahead and feel free to revel in chaos.  Go ahead and revel in a dirty house if it meant tons of time spent laughing with your kids.  Or revel in the hard work of that new flower bed, the delicious strawberries from the farmer’s market, or your newest achievement at work.  I want to see it all. The guts & the glory.”

“The guts and the glory?” sounds like brave, wild, & messy to me! (The “on purpose” comes with setting the intention to not just accept it, but revel in it.)


So let’s go! All you have to do to join in is hashtag it.


Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 3.27.22 PM



Again, read more about it on Misty’s blog and go tell her how much you love this and that you’re joining in with her–and read a little about her “why” so you can see the heart behind it.

*Follow us on Instagram and see the movement play out (Misty’s Instagram, my personal Instagram)


Happy Monday and happy new month. Get summer started right by joining in on Revel 100.