December is the new January

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December is the new January. You don’t have to wait.


Waiting a couple more weeks won’t get you ready to make a change.


A date on the calendar won’t grant you with grand motivation and big achievements.


The only thing that will get you ready? Starting.


So start today. Now.


Who’s with me? What are you starting?



Candice and Jacob | Springfield Missouri Wedding Videography



So, usually I post a short version of a wedding and then tell you to check out the longer one if you’re curious to see more.


Not this time. Watch the whole thing and learn something so important: Have fun at your wedding.


I’ve been a bride, I know there are pressures to look and act a certain way. James has been a groom and felt those expectations too, but remember: your wedding is a celebration! Luckily, we get the best couples in the world and their weddings have been awesome, so they got the message. But to future brides and grooms? this is your permission to make it top priority for your wedding.


Celebrate your love, get emotional, dance and sing and be as ridiculous as you want. We will all love it.


And that’s why we loved Candice and Jacob’s wedding so, so much.


We drove up to Springfield Missouri to film a wedding, but what we witnessed was a gorgeous bride who will spend her whole life laughing with her groom, who will spend his whole life loving and admiring her, and a group of family and friends dedicated to dancing beside them all through their lives.

Candice and Jacob Highlight | Missouri Wedding from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Take the pressure off yourself: your flowers will be beautiful, your ceremony will be perfect, YOU will be perfect. But remember that you’re there for you and your love. And love is the thing in the world most worth celebrating, so Candice and Jacob? Party on.




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Ozark Bride | Arkansas Bridal Fashion Videography

Sometimes you just need to get outside with your creative friends and see what happens.


Get up when it’s still dark. Drive to the middle of nowhere and hike.


Break some of your own rules. Shoot and edit a little differently.


Feel the rush of something new.


Find the right song.


And let it tell its own story.



Ozark Bride from Truebadours on Vimeo.


We were out shooting with the incredible Anna Hutchison. See the beautiful photos for yourself:


Curious about what goes on behind the scenes for creating such an incredible shoot? we made a video about that too:


Ozark Bride | Behind the Scenes from Truebadours on Vimeo.



Are you a photographer, stylist, or artist? Want to create with us? Let us know here.

Ryan + Tracey | Arkansas Wedding Videography



Everyone loves a good barn wedding…especially a Pratt Place Barn wedding. Add perfect fall weather, a giggly bride and hilarious bridesmaids, and you get a really good day for this videographer.


From Tracey’s ball-gown dress, to the orchestral covers of disney songs playing before the ceremony, this wedding was a fairytale. And just look at Ryan’s face–he’s found his princess.


Also, this wedding had some incredible kid moments: the sign-bearer receiving his payment of toys, the little girl eating cake off her plate that’s on the dance floor? I just love those hilarious and adorable details.



But enough talking, here’s their teaser:


Ryan and Tracey Teaser from Truebadours on Vimeo.



Want more? Watch the full highlight here.



Ryan and Tracey, thanks for letting us have a part in your wonderful, fairytale day! We wish you all the best in the rest of your forever love story.


Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 9.26.54 AM

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Monday Motivation-Jealousy



I came across this blog post last week, and it’s been rolling around in my head since then.

What if instead of letting your jealousy curdle, you let it lead you to what you deeply crave?


It’s so easy to get jealous of people as they put their lives online or tell you about all their good news over coffee. As a friend or supporter, of course you’re ecstatic for them. But then the back of your brain begins to buzz and your stomach burns a little. I used to have two reactions to jealousy: I’d obsess over whatever it was I was jealous of and then I’d feel incredibly guilty for feeling jealous. But what if that gut response is your way of reminding yourself what you really desire?


Jealousy should never ruin friendships or working relationships. It should never lead to us vs. them and a compulsive desire to compete with and beat everyone in your industry. Find someone you can vent the irrational side of the jealousy to (I’m looking at you, James) and then sit with it for a moment and let it guide you to what it is that you’re wanting enough to make you jealous that someone else has it. Okay, now that you’ve identified it, start seeing what you can do to have it in your own life so you can stop obsessing over everyone else’s.

Instead of letting its heat turn you to ashes, what if you let your jealousy burn a path to the parts of your life that have been neglected so you can make your own life better? -Kyla Roma


It takes a long, hard look at yourself to confront the jealousy, but it’s so worth it to be able to let it go and turn it in to something productive and positive. As we speak I’m beginning to make lists and goals to get me going farther on this path of utilizing those feelings.


How do you deal with jealousy? What journeys have you begun since turning jealousy into action?

Let’s stop letting jealousy consume us. Let’s make our own lives better and continue to encourage and support those who are doing the same.


While you’re at it, make lists of things you already have. Remind yourself that goals and getting what you’re missing isn’t all there is to life.


Let’s take some small steps towards some positivity this week, friends. Happy Monday.



Photo via Death to Stock