Jessica + Lucas | Eureka Springs Wedding Videography



Jessica and Lucas had such a special wedding. What stood out the most was that, even in the middle of everyone celebrating them, they were so thoughtful of the important people in their lives. Even though they live in Texas, they chose to get married in Eureka Springs so that it would be in the middle for their families traveling from all over the country. They love adventures, and I’m so glad their story brought them to Arkansas and that they found me to be their videographer.


So, here’s the sweet love story of Jessica and Lucas (and see the full highlight here if you want more!)

Jessica + Lucas | Teaser from Truebadours on Vimeo.



Things we loved about this wedding:

• Jessica was such a calm and peaceful bride. You could tell that she was just so ready to marry her love.

• The focus on their family was so touching. From heirloom gifts to everyone coming from so far, you knew this family is a close one.

• The memories honored: The photo of the bride’s father so he could be there as she walked down the aisle. Her brothers walked with her and danced with her and they ushered his spirit in to the room where his little girl was getting married. The end of the video is a balloon release done in his honor. Everything dedicated to Jessica’s father was so meaningful.

• I was touched by how selfless this wedding was: they sang happy birthday to a guest and gave out a gift to the people who had traveled the farthest. Their gratefulness to the people there for the wedding was the overall mood of the day, and it was so sweet.

• Love was present, tangible, and so touching.



Jessica + Lucas, thank you so much for coming to Arkansas and choosing me to be your wedding videographer. Your love is a light in this world and I’m honored that I got to capture it.

Restore Humanity’s 10 Year Anniversary | Truebadours Non-profit Videography


When I was in college, I made the crazy decision to get two degrees that seemed completely unrelated: Digital Media (Digital Cinema) and Intercultural Studies. To a lot of people it seemed crazy, but to me it made sense in a place deep in my heart (even in the middle of all-nighters and 21 hour semesters).


It made sense so that projects like this could come in to my life.


Restore Humanity is doing things right. They’re not an orphanage, they are a home. Their focus is keeping kids who have experienced extreme trauma in their own cultures and give them a family and sense of stable belonging. What more could you ask for for children?


They’re not focused on big numbers that look impressive on infographics or Instagram posts. There isn’t one hint of a “savior complex” in their bones. They limit their number of children to ensure the care is about quality over quantity. They only hire people from that village who speak the heart language of the children needing hope and a home. They’re deeply invested in this village–they are continuously branching out to invest in the community in everything from education to healthcare. There is just so much love and respect all throughout this organization, and I am so honored that I got to show up with my camera and interview the person who started this organization, her husband, and one of their first university scholars.


I could go on and on about this organization, the people, and how much I love working with non-profits. Or I can show you the video now, which I know you’d prefer. So, here is the legacy (so far) of Restore Humanity:


Restore Humanity | 10 Year Anniversary from Truebadours on Vimeo.


(Kenya video curtesy of Cole Fennel Photography, photos curtesy of the Restore Humanity team)


Thank you, Sara, for the privilege to help tell your story. I can’t wait to watch you and your kids change the world!



Megan + Noel | Arkansas Wedding Videography

Megam + Noel (Highlight)-01


Megan and Noel have been together for 9 years, and it shows. There’s a lot of assumptions about love and romance petering off as the years go, but what I love is that our couples who have been together for a long time before the wedding never show that.


What shows instead? This deep, intimate companionship that is the solid undertone for the love that’s shown on a wedding day.

In 9 years (and most of their relationship being long distance), you learn to be an individual as well as a part of a team. You learn an unconditional love and a secure trust that can only be taught through years and the experiences they bring.


You collect so many moments and memories–of all kinds–and it just makes your story that much better.



So, Megan + Noel, thank you so much for bringing us along to witness the beginning of the next chapter of your love story.



Megan + Noel | Teaser from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Things we loved about this wedding:

  1. Their love story (obviously).
  2. Megan’s bridal look was PERFECT for her. Her gorgeous Tesori dress paired with truly natural looking makeup, she looked absolutely radiant.
  3. The wrote their own vows (which you can hear in the full highlight here. ) and they were so beautiful.
  4. Dance parties + glow sticks are always a plus!
  5. Shooting with Stephanie Dawn was such a good time!



Megan + Noel Wedding Video | Truebadours Wedding Videography

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Megan + Austin | Arkansas Wedding Video

Megan + Austin Highlight-01




Back with another wedding for you guys!


Megan and Austin were married at Pratt Place this summer and it was such a beautiful day! Megan and her girls were cracking me up the entire time (their dreams of pizza were very real), and they went with a Beyonce theme for the morning–which I was totally okay with.

As we went through the day, there was such a smooth rhythm of fun, loving moments and it was such a pleasure to be able to get all of that in to their wedding video.


So, here’s the teaser for you to see everything for yourself! (don’t forget you can watch the full highlight here!)

Megan + Austin | Teaser from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Things I loved about this wedding:

• It was my first time working with Lela + Lyla  as the photographers, they were SO much fun (and seriously so talented)

• The Beyonce undertones of the morning was a great way to start

•Megan looked so beautiful. And Bo did an incredible job bringing out her natural beauty while still making sure she looked bridal.

• Catering by Tacos 4 Life?! Yes. Please.

• That dance party, though. I love it when everyone’s out on the dance floor. You don’t have to be a great dancer to still have a good party, you just have to be willing to get out there.


Megan and Austin, than you so much for having me along to capture and create your wedding video! We hope you loved reliving all of the sweet and joyful moments.



Jill + Caleb | Little Rock Wedding Videography

Jill + Caleb Highlight-01


Jill and Caleb’s Little Rock wedding was so cute. Jill was all smiles and so sweet all day, and their wedding party was full of good humor and fun. Throw in a trolley ride, a gorgeous cathedral, and people willing to dance and you’ve got a great wedding!


See their wedding for yourself (and catch the full highlight here if you want more):


Jill + Caleb | Teaser from Truebadours on Vimeo.


Jill and Caleb, thank you for inviting us down to Little Rock to film your wedding video! We hope you’re loving life as newlyweds 🙂